40 Years of Arizona High School Football

Arizona is rich in football history, and high school football is no exception. Relive some of the best moments with players, coaches, and the people involved in making Arizona high school football such a popular sport over the past 40 years.

2023 Arizona GameTime High School Football Photo Galleries

The 2022 Arizona GameTime high school football schedule is in full swing, and YurView is covering the top teams and matchups throughout the season. Be sure to check back weekly as we highlight upcoming games with a photo gallery of the top plays and players from each game.

What’s Happening Vegas? – September 2023

September 15th also kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs through October 15th. There are several events being held in celebration of the Hispanic Culture throughout the Vegas Valley, as well as a large influx of popular Latin Musicians.

2023 Ford Game of the Week High School Football Schedule on YurView

Watch top high school matchups from Oklahoma - Available on YurView Oklahoma (Cox channels 3 and 93). If you live in the Tulsa area, you’ll get the Tulsa game on channel 3 and the OKC game on channel 93. If you live in the Oklahoma City area, you’ll get the OKC game on channel 3 and the Tulsa game on channel 93.

What’s Happening Vegas? – August 2023

So, what draws people to say, "I do" in Sin City? The Wedding experts at Vegas Weddings credit the popularity to the vast array of options for ceremonies, as well as the affordability of wedding packages. 

2023 Hispanic Heritage Month Programming on YurView

Beginning September 15th through October 16th, we will share a variety of Hispanic Heritage Month programming with you. Below you’ll find a list of compelling programs to watch on your local YurView channel or stream on watch.yurview.com.

New Programs Debuting on YurView Over the Summer

Check out these brand new shows entering the YurView lineup starting in July 2023.

What’s Happening Vegas? – July 2023

If you’re planning a trip to Vegas over the Fourth of July, be prepared for both The Strip and Downtown to be busy and crowded.

Celebrate America: The 238th Bristol 4th of July Parade (2023)

The 238th Bristol 4th of July Parade is part of America’s oldest continuous Independence Day celebration. Watch it LIVE from Bristol, RI - Tuesday, July 4th, 2023 starting at 11am ET on your local YurView channel (check local listings) and streaming on watch.yurview.com

GameTime Rewind Will Air Top 2022 High School Football Games

Watch the best high school football games from around the county. Starting June 16th and throughout summer, GameTime Rewind high school football airs Friday nights at 7:00 pm on your local YurView channel (check local listings) and streaming at 7pm CT on watch.yurview.com.

Gulls Assemble Impressive Talent As Baseball Returns To Newport

The Newport Gulls of the NECBL are ready to hit the field with some remarkable talent after a nearly two year COVID induced break.

What’s Happening Vegas? – June 2023

Things are heating up, both in terms of entertainment and temperatures! With the unusually long winter temps, we have seemed to skip spring and went straight into summer, which means it’s going to be hot!

Jack Ciunci Followed His “Lessons To Live By” To A 2nd State Tennis Championship

The pressure was extraordinary. The defending state champ not only entered the tournament unbeaten, Ciunci hadn’t lost a set all season.

CSU Global – Your Success Starts Here

As the nation's first 100% online, fully accredited public university and part of the Colorado University System, CSU Global’s career-relevant programs are designed to help you move forward today with the skills you need for tomorrow. 

Dembo Konte Manages To Get A Head Start On His Future

On the basketball and volleyball courts, Dembo Konte is a relentless grinder who never backs down from a challenge. When it comes to effort, he always empties the proverbial tank.

CASA Las Vegas – Volunteer – Keith Wingate

April is national volunteer month which is dedicated to honoring all the volunteers in our communities as well as encouraging volunteerism. Consider donating your...

Recipe Remixx – Smothered Chicken and Gravy

Nina Monique serves up some real southern comfort food, direct from her family's cookbook. It's Smothered Chicken and Gravy, Recipe Remixx style. Nina Monique, Owner...

River Road African American Museum – Preserving & Honoring Culture & History

The mission of the River Road African American Museum is to educate visitors about the history and culture of African Americans in the rural...
National Dog Day

Let’s Celebrate National Dog Day!

National Dog Day is August 26th, and who doesn’t love celebrating their tail-wagging family members?!
Colonial Downs

Enjoy the Races at Colonial Downs!

Live racing is back at Colonial Downs, with races happening every Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a 1:30 post time. So for anyone itching to place a live bet, you should come on down!

Celebrate National Safe Digging Day with Virginia 811!

Quincy put on his helmet and his reflective vest, and headed on site to meet up with our friends from Virginia 811. This visit is a special one, because they are celebrating 811 Day!

Patricia Learns All About the Y in Motion!

The Y in Motion is sometimes referred to as the YMCA without walls. The YMCA takes all of its’ resources and services, and brings them to the communities that they serve.

Off to the Races with Myelih Smith & VA 811!

The 757 is full of fun things to do during the summer- but they don’t all involve water! One of those things is enjoying the sights and sounds of short track racing at Langley Speedway in Hampton.

Changing the World, One Sign at a Time

Jason Webb is a Sign Language Interpreter, which happened naturally for him- as he was born to two deaf adults. He learned to sign before he could even talk!

Keep Cool with American Mechanical

American Mechanical has been servicing the Hampton Roads area since 1994. Over that time, they have learned a thing or two about keeping cool when the temperatures are rising outside!
car insurance

Do You Know the New Car Insurance Law?

Car insurance can be kind of complicated, and difficult to understand. Even more so when the laws are constantly changing that pertain to auto insurance!! Nonetheless, it is imperative that we all have car insurance to protect us in the unfortunate case of an accident.

Road Trips with our Furry Friends!

It’s no secret that for the last six weeks, Quincy and his family have been soaking up the joys of owning a dog! His family named the dog Seven, and they’re loving every minute of having him in their family.

Get A New Closet at the Best Price!

Our hosts love it when they find a good deal. Who doesn’t love finding a good deal?! And right now our friends at Closet Factory are having their biggest sale of the year!

Virginia Hoop League is the Premier Spot!

The Virginia Hoop League is the premier summer league in Hampton Roads. It consists of professional players, collegiate players and the best hoopers in the 757.

Spine Issues? Riverside has Your Back!

It’’s been estimated that over 16 million Americans live with chronic back pain, and that over 65 million people deal with acute back pain at some point in their lives.
stretch lab

Quincy Reaps the Benefits of Stretch Lab

Anyone who has been following along knows, that Quincy has been on a personal health and physical fitness journey this year! One area where he feels like he can improve- is stretching better, and correctly!
Critter Cleaners

Critter Cleaners Makes Your Life Easier!

Most people’s lives are so busy these days, that it’s hard to even find the time to take our fur kids to the groomer! Lucky for us, there’s a solution to that!

Riverside’s New Psychiatric Emergency Department

This Psychiatric Emergency Department is going to be staffed by both medical professionals and protection officers 24/7. It will be open to patients around the clock- just like a traditional emergency room.

Landscape Designer Talks Native Plants, Wildlife and More!

Quincy is having a hard time with his lawn randomly dying! Thankfully for him, Landscape Designer Trista Imrich visited Living 757 to talk all about her job, and to give the hosts some tips about their yards!
labor and delivery

Labor and Delivery Nurse Meighan is Our Hometown Hero!

The team at Living 757 is really proud of everything that we produce for the show, but we especially love this segment. This is the one where we honor hometown heroes! The every day people who do the hard jobs, and change or save lives on a daily basis.

Shake Shake Shake with Patrick Evans Hylton!

We’re coming up on National Hot Dog Month in July, just in time for Independence Day and summertime cookouts.  According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, in 2022 Americans spent more than $8.3 billion on hot dogs and sausages in U.S. supermarkets.

Summer Safety with Huffman & Huffman

Summertime is here and is in full swing!! But that means that while the kids are home and have more free time, parents and other caretakers have to be sure they are knowledgable about summer safety tips!

Find a Rewarding Career at Riverside

Lots of the time people have jobs, when they would rather be working at a career. Friend of the show Barry McKay got the chance to visit Riverside’s Warwick Forest in Newport News. While he was there, he got to chat with Eric Oh, their Employee Engagement Director.

Adopt Don’t Shop at the SPCA!

Quincy is a new pet parent, and over the last month or so he has become very familiar with the Norfolk SPCA. For the last 130 years, the SPCA has been an active shelter for mistreated and abandoned pets- and also a great source for adoption education.

Out with the Old Shower, In with the New!

We’ve all seen it. An older home with the original bathroom still intact. Most of these restrooms are equipped with “interestingly colored” showers. The olive greens, mustard yellows, bubble gum pinks. They’re an eyesore to say the least! Lucky for all of us, our friends at West Shore Home are ready to save the day and upgrade that old shower to something new and beautiful.

Car Care Trivia!

Most people are either driving a car, or riding in a car almost every single day of their lives. But what does everyone *really* know about cars and how to take care of them?
Behavioral health

Riverside Behavioral Health Cares

In the past, mental health has been a somewhat taboo topic. More recently, it has been front and center when it comes to health ailments.

Get Flawless Skin at the Salt Spa

Let’s face it, everyone is self conscious about something when it comes to their skin. Lucky for all of us, there happens to be a magical peel that you can get at The Salt Spa and Wellness Center!