40 Years of Arizona High School Football

Arizona is rich in football history, and high school football is no exception. Relive some of the best moments with players, coaches, and the people involved in making Arizona high school football such a popular sport over the past 40 years.

Change a Child’s Story with CASA

CASAs work alongside DCFS to understand what is exactly is going on with the case and report back to the judge. Working with one child or sibling group at a time allows the CASA to be able to focus fully on the case.


$2,500 towards tuition at an accredited college or university for the Fall 2024 academic enrollment period.

Dereck Whittenburg Talks 1983 Wolfpack and Today’s Cinderella Team!

The "Cardiac Pack", Re-Lived That dream became a reality when the current Men’s Wolfpack Basketball team won five games in five days to out the Carolina Tarheels and win the ACC Tournament.

Citizens Bank & Trust – Get Your SBA From a Bank That Cares

One of their secrets to success is their patented white glove service which encompasses the 3 C's: Client Experience, Consultative Banking and Compounding Relationships.

What’s Happening Vegas? – April 2024

The Mirage Volcano made its comeback in mid-March and will operate nightly every hour from 8pm to 11pm. Catch the shows while you can, as this Vegas landmark will go away for good once Hardrock begins construction on their planned guitar shaped hotel tower. At this time, they have not made the information of when this will happen public.

Fleet Supply Warehouse Handles Your Industrial Filtration Needs

Being a one-stop-shop for tailored solutions for the marine industry, Fleet Supply Warehouse has cemented its reputation as a trusted supplier. From marine cables to water filtration, their comprehensive list of products caters specifically to the unique needs of the marine industry.

Exploring the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering

We have all types of animals and reptiles. We have rapping mathematicians, we have steam music concerts. We have kids that get up and they do mini TED talks about all the things they've learned throughout the year.

What’s Happening Vegas? – March 2024

March is typically when the Vegas Valley starts to warm up.  Average daily highs are in the 70’s, making for the perfect outdoor weather.  This is a great time to take advantage of all of the parks and hiking trails just outside of the Strip. At night, the temps do tend to drop 20-30 degrees, so you’ll want to pack warmer clothes for the evenings.

How Soul Nola is Combating Climate Change

The recent attainment of an $8 million grant through strategic partnerships, has augmented Soul Nola's impact and influence in shaping a greener, more sustainable New Orleans.

How a 1857 Meeting Above a Bar Created Carnival History

Watch as he guides us on an exploration of the cultural significance and evolution of Mardi Gras. He's sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for this iconic event.

The African American Heritage Foundation: Keeping History Alive

With a focus on educating and inspiring future generations, the foundation works to promote awareness and appreciation of the significant contributions made by African Americans to the state's rich tapestry of heritage.

Chef Johnnie Shares the Delights of a Savory King Cake

Using locally sourced shrimp, crawfish, and catfish, Chef Johnnie crafts a savory masterpiece that embodies the spirit of Louisiana cuisine. Her dedication to showcasing the richness of the region's ingredients and her culinary expertise make her a valuable mentor for food enthusiasts and aspiring home cooks seeking to explore the unique and savory side of Louisiana's culinary traditions.

Crescent City Finance Helps You Plan for Your Future

No one wants to end up in a position where due to lack of financial planning, you become a burden to your family.  This is where Crescent City Retirement Group  steps in.

Need a Little Touch-UP? Call the Williamson Cosmetic Center!

So whether it's Botox, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, fillers or plastic surgery, let the highly skilled doctors and estheticians of the Williamson Cosmetic Center & Perenack Aesthetic Surgery work their magic to help you put your best face forward.

CASA Las Vegas – Volunteer – Keith Wingate

April is national volunteer month which is dedicated to honoring all the volunteers in our communities as well as encouraging volunteerism. Consider donating your...

Recipe Remixx – Smothered Chicken and Gravy

Nina Monique serves up some real southern comfort food, direct from her family's cookbook. It's Smothered Chicken and Gravy, Recipe Remixx style. Nina Monique, Owner...

River Road African American Museum – Preserving & Honoring Culture & History

The mission of the River Road African American Museum is to educate visitors about the history and culture of African Americans in the rural...

Can Quincy Qualify at Content Restoration?

It’s been awhile since Quincy has attempted to qualify, so we decided to send him to visit our friends at Jenkins Restorations to see what he can do.

Give Your Bathroom an Upgrade with Bath Source!

This year, Ashley was on a mission to find the best of the best in bathroom upgrades!! She was in luck. Our friends from Bath Source were set up with their top-of-the-line products.

Spring DIY with the Living 757 Crew!

In this segment, brought to you by our friends at Exterior Source, the weather has gotten warmer and the hosts are trying their hand at a spring do-it-yourself project! A DIY spring wreath which they have five minutes to complete.

Dereck Whittenburg Talks 1983 Wolfpack and Today’s Cinderella Team!

The "Cardiac Pack", Re-Lived That dream became a reality when the current Men’s Wolfpack Basketball team won five games in five days to out the Carolina Tarheels and win the ACC Tournament.
Bath Source

Our Friends from Bath Source Visit the Living 757 Studio!

No home is complete without at least one bathroom! When you upgrade or renovate your bathroom, you also increase the value of your home. But a remodel isn’t something anyone should do without the help of a professional!
car insurance

Huffman & Huffman Talks About the Importance of Car Insurance!

Car insurance. We have touched on this topic a handful of times on our show! But thanks to our friends at Huffman & Huffman, we know that there is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to this topic.

Ashley Visits Exterior Source at the Hampton Roads Home Show!

While she was there, she ran into the show’s friends from Exterior Source. Their General Manager, Thomas Duckwall was in the house to show Ashley all they have to offer.

Patricia Enjoys the European Wax Center

Patricia is on a mission to pamper herself and she found the perfect place- the European Wax Center! When she arrives she meets Summer, the Wax Center’s Regional Trainer. Summer tells Patricia about the process before they get started.

Exterior Source: The Exterior Professionals of the 757!

For over 30 years, Exterior Source has been the go-to experts in the 757 for anything you want updated on your home. Their General Manager, Thomas Duckwall, talked to Ashley and Quincy about the company!
ride share

Learn All About Traffix on Living 757!

Something people in the 757 have become used to, is traffic. Our friends at Hampton Roads Transit know that since driving is unavoidable for most people, making commutes more enjoyable is a must!

Speeding School by Huffman & Huffman!

Double your speed to 40 miles per hour, and the pedestrian has a 73% chance of death or serious bodily injury- and you’re left with the guilt and higher insurance prices, and maybe even jail time.

How to Choose Your Personal Injury Attorney

Most people have never had to hire a personal injury attorney, but it’s important to know how to choose the right one, should the need ever arise.

Riverside Takes Care of your Heart

People can detect some of these problems with their heart using modern technology like the Apple Watch! These heart problems as a whole are known as arrhythmias.

Hometown Hero Provides Blankets for the Homeless

For this segment, the Living 757 crew welcomes the founder of Blankets for the Homeless. Mariah Smith Friesz was born and abandoned on Christmas Eve many years ago.

What’s Happening in the 757 for New Years?!

This time, the hosts are celebrating the final show of 2023 by bringing in 2024 with fancy outfits and of course: new years resolutions! All courtesy of Rutter Mills.

Pet Videos are the Best Videos!

Ashley shares several videos of her dog Ziggy, who is full of sass snd personality. She likes to boss her mom and dad around and doesn’t like to take no for an answer!

Get Familiar with VDOT’s New Express Lanes Network

Everyone in Hampton Roads can agree, that the traffic in the area can be a pain. Our friends at The Virginia Department of Transportation are working diligently to help lessen the burden of the traffic here.
Personal Injury

Huffman & Huffman Schools Our Hosts on Personal Injury Law

Brad gives Ashley and Quincy a quick quiz to see if they understand the ins and outs of personal injury cases. Watch the full video to see if Ash and Q remembered accurate information about personal injury cases in the state of Virginia!

Go For An Upgrade at Rejuva Med Spa!

Patricia sits down with Kara Slumm- the spa’s nurse injector and Master Esthetician! She has been specializing in cosmetic treatments in the 757 for about twenty years at this point.

Rollin Legends Car Club in the 757

Hilario’s Heroes is his charity organization and their next big event is taking place on December 23rd. Hilario always grew up with great Christmases thanks to his wonderful momma!

Speed Limits and Safety!

The holidays are always such a busy time when it comes to traveling! Our friends at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles impose and enforce speed limits on our roads in order to help keep us safe while in vehicles.

Bud’s Gives Back with the Mayflower Marathon

This year, the food bank has seen a 35% increase over the previous year in the amount of people who requested food assistance. That makes the Mayflower Marathon even more important than normal this year!

The Speed Limit is the Law!

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has recently released a series of engaging videos helping demonstrate safety while driving. Jillian Cowherd from the DMV joined Patricia to discuss speeding and why it effects our travel!

Oh Miki, You’re So Fine! Working Dogs in the 757

On this special segment of Living 757 we have TWO guests- a veteran named Chris Cappa, and a second veteran who also happens to be a military dog named Miki.

Patricia Gets Cool Sculpting!

Cool Sculpting can treat a number of different areas on the body- including the chin, the arms, the abs, the flanks, and the inner and outer thighs (to name a few)!