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Can Quincy Qualify As A Bus Driver?

Sponsored by Hampton Roads Transit

It’s always a good time when our producers send Quincy to try and qualify at a job he doesn’t know how to do. This time they sent him to Hampton Roads Transit to learn how to drive a bus!

bus driver

HRT’s seasoned bus drivers make driving the oversized buses look like a walk in the park, but Quincy quickly finds out that the job is not as easy as they make it seem!

hampton roads transit

He tries out a simulator, where he has a few mishaps- with an ambulance and a cliff!


If you want to become a bus driver for HRT, there are a few steps! First, is their rigorous training program. The program lasts around 11 weeks.

bus driver

You also have to be able to acquire a passenger endorsement, so customer service is a plus!


Employees of Hampton Roads Transit love that they can build a career with longevity with the company.

hampton roads transit

If you want to start your journey with HRT, you can apply by visiting their website at https://gohrt.com/careers/.


They are even offering up to a $5,000 sign on bonus!

For more information please watch the full video and visit their website at https://gohrt.com/

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