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Our guest host Karen loves food, but even Karen doesn’t want to cook sometimes when she’s had a long day at work! Many people feel this way- that dinner should be leisurely and relaxing, especially when you have already had a long day. Lucky for us, our friends at Skrimp Shack make every meal feel like eating when you’re on vacation!
It’s time for another edition of Living 757’s FOOD TRUCK FIELD TRIPS! This time, our friends from Skrimp Shack have brought their mobile kitchen to our studios and Quincy got to join the Skrimp King, Chaz  Crenshaw himself, inside the truck!
https://youtu.be/KVZ6na4zkPU A house fire is one of the most devastating and heart breaking events that a person or family can endure. Several months ago, Ashley got the chance to visit a house that had suffered a fire. Our friends from...
As many of you know, food holds a very special place in our hearts at Living 757. And let’s be honest- the Hampton Roads area is well known for its’ amazing seafood!
Put on your chaps and hold on tight! February 25, 2023 the PBR Hampton Classic takes over the Hampton Coliseum!
Quincy got the chance to return to Park 216, this time to learn about all of the new amenities they have to offer and Era at Park 216!
The “Big Game” brings out the most passionate football fans, amazing food and huge watch parties. But with all good things, also comes a down side. The day of the “Big Game” is also one of the biggest days of the year for DUI arrests and crashes due to being under the influence.
On this episode of the Career Hunters podcast, Vince chats with the team at Chen Med—known as Jen Med in Virginia. Learn why Chen Med is growing so quickly and why your next job could be with Chen Med.
Joining Dr. Fedrick on today’s episode of Calm, Cool and Connected is Quincy Carr, also known as the “Quality Comedy King.” He is a comedian, television show host, actor and entrepreneur.
Joining Dr. Fedrick on today’s episode of Calm, Cool and Connected is Dale McLellan, the President and CEO of FrogDog K9. He is going to shed some light on his mental health journey, his time in the military, and his work with the K9’s!