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H2OBX is located just a short drive from the 757, and it is well worth the little road trip. The waterpark has several pass options: from day passes, to seasons passes, to their “4 for Fun” deal- where you buy 4 tickets and save $24!
It’s no secret that seatbelts save lives, and friend of the show John Saunders from the DMV visited virtually to tell us more. The seatbelt is designed to save your life, but it will only do so if it is worn correctly!
Quincy visited Exterior Source, and to his surprise- he showed up and a cookout was happening out back! He found our friend Thomas Duckwall, who tells him that he gets to enjoy the cookout- after he tours the inside of the building!
But have no fear, friend of the show John Saunders from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles stopped by virtually to give us some tips on how to stay safe while driving or riding in cars on our roadways this Summer.
With the start of summer comes an uptick in both temperatures, and in the number of motorcycles on our roadways! Our friend Attorney David Ratz from Huffman & Huffman stopped by the Living 757 studio to give our resident motorcycle riders some tips on safety.
It’s always a good time when our producers send Quincy to try and qualify at a job he doesn’t know how to do. This time they sent him to Hampton Roads Transit to learn how to drive a bus!
This time, she found a winter do-it-yourself craft so Patricia and Ashley could add a few more pieces of decor to their greenroom! The ladies chat all things winter while they attempt to make snowy decor, courtesy of our friends at Exterior Source.
The combination of the two work together to give you reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and younger looking skin all together! This treatment can even remove sun spots and sun damage from when you were younger.
https://youtu.be/OLh8C5mxQn8 April is Distracted Driving Awareness month, and for good reason. Distracted driving is one of the main reasons that people get into car accidents! Nobody wants to get into an accident, but just in case you find yourself in a...
It’s been awhile since Quincy has attempted to qualify, so we decided to send him to visit our friends at Jenkins Restorations to see what he can do.