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Can Quincy Qualify at Content Restoration?

Sponsored by Jenkins Restorations

It’s been awhile since Quincy has attempted to qualify, so we decided to send him to visit our friends at Jenkins Restorations to see what he can do.


He joins our buddy Steve and gets a lesson on content restoration. For anyone who doesn’t know, content restoration involves taking a family’s belongings that have been through an emergent event- and restoring them to their former glory.


The content could have been through any number of scenarios, including house fires, floods, mold and more. Jenkins Restorations is the go-to for all of the above.


Families who have been through a tragedy sometimes rely on the contents of their home to provide some level of comfort- as well as helping to keep memories alive.


It’s a very emotional and powerful thing for Jenkins Restorations to be able to give families important pieces of their life back!

After Quincy gets a tour of the facility, it’s time to put him to work! Quincy learns that personal protective equipment is necessary when cleaning belongings, aka content. He then learns the actual process of cleaning the belongings- and why it’s an attractive option for insurance companies.


Jenkins Restorations restores and repairs families lives and content after tragedy hits.


For more information, please watch the whole video. And for all of your restoration needs, please call Jenkins Restorations and let their family help your family.

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