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What’s Happening in the 757 for New Years?!

Sponsored by Rutter Mills

Life in the 757 is always busy, but that is especially true during the holidays.


This time, the hosts are celebrating the final show of 2023 by bringing in 2024 with fancy outfits and of course: new years resolutions! All courtesy of Rutter Mills.

New Years

Quincy’s resolution is to be more positive when his team in Dallas inevitably loses when it counts at the end of the season or in the playoffs.


Patricia wants Ashley to find her a husband! She has a long checklist of qualifications for the perfect man.

She also wants to get back in the gym, and she wants to be more positive and remember to enjoy every day!


Ashley wants to find her discipline again and get back into a regular gym routine!

Quincy asks the ladies what the hardest they’ve ever partied for New Years was. He says bringing in the year 2000 was the hardest he has ever partied.

New Years

Patricia had so much fun on her craziest New Years, that she only remembers past 10am the following morning!

Ashley spent her craziest New Years at the Playboy Mansion when she was living in California!

If you’re looking for somewhere local to bring in the New Year- there are events happening at the Waterside District in Norfolk and also at Town Center in Virginia Beach.

Ashley shares that Disney on Ice is returning to Hampton Roads with Mickey’s Search Party!! That will be at the Norfolk Scope from December 28- January 1.


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