Panic, Anxiety and COVID-19

Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. It is said to involve the transfer of universal energy- from the practitioner’s palms, to their patient.
Losing someone has always been a difficult thing to go through, but the global pandemic has made the journey of losing a loved one even harder. Join us as one of our crew members, Nick Albertson, opens up about losing his grandmother during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Several studies have confirmed the many mental health benefits of yoga. Incorporating it into your routine can help reduce symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. Denise Perry, the owner and studio director of Yoga Nook in Chesapeake, Virginia joins us to explain more. 
Mental health issues and substance abuse are both very difficult to tackle on their own. But put  the two together, and there is a recipe for disaster. We welcome the amazing team from Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Healthcare back for a  discussion on how to deal with both!
Pregnancy can be the most beautiful yet terrifying time in a woman’s life. Mental health issues both during and after pregnancy are fairly common, yet are rarely spoken about. Dr. Shainna joins us to dive deeper into this issue.
Living 757 host and comedian Quincy Carr was coming off the best year in comedy thus far, and living his dreams- and then Covid 19 hit. Rachel Ann talks to Quincy to dive deeper into how Covid 19 has affected him personally.
As a society, we are all a lot more burned out than we realize! A lot of people are experiencing burnout and don’t even realize it. 
Above all else, our team here at Calm, Cool and Connected wants to make sure that we are providing content that is helpful to our listeners! Every so often we get direct questions from the audience: via email, direct message, or voice messages via Speakpipe. On this episode we tackle your questions, covering topics from depression to healthy relationships with food.
Amy Minh Hanh Corey is an established singer, songwriter, and mental health public speaker.  She is uniquely qualified in the mental health realm, due to her personal experience with mental  health strife and struggles in her own life.
Core beliefs are beliefs about oneself that are developed throughout a person’s lifespan. These beliefs begin to be developed when we are infants, and continue to form all the way through adulthood. Elizabeth Fedrick is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and...
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