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It was great to have Loreina on the show to share the story of her battle with cervical cancer.  We were able to get just a few more moments to learn about her journey to parenthood.
We’ve heard what doctors, teachers and other experts have to say about going back to school, but how do the students feel?  Then check out how two Hampton Roads natives are spreading the laughs farther than just the 757! 
Host Jeremy Crabtree kicks off the 2019 high school football podcast season by welcoming MaxPreps editor and producer Zack Poff (@Zack_Poff_MP) on the Over the Middle Podcast. They preview the 2019 season and give you insight on what to look...
Last year when they were freshly committed to Ed Cooley's Providence College Friars, both David Duke and A.J. Reeves were our first guests on this Podcast. Now after 5 games with the program, both Freshman standouts are living up to...
Jeremy is joined by Garden City Community College coach Jeff Sims. College coaches know Sims as a national-championship winning coach and as one of the first people to develop a player personnel department in college football. He also coached...
Jeff Belvill from Kai scissorsThink there's just one type of scissors? Well, think again. Jeff Belvill from Kai scissors explains the importance of using the right tool for the right job and how critical this process can be for...
  Jane visits with craft trends expert Jenny Bowden, Managing Editor of the Chicago based FaveCrafts.com. They discuss the latest crafting trends, the website as well as other interesting topics from the world of crafting. Podcast Highlights (1:07) The mission of FaveCrafts.com. (2:47)...
Creative Living host Jane Monzures welcomes Angela Wolf, women's apparel designer, sewing expert, and host of the PBS show It's Sew Easy. Angela reveals how she got started in the fashion business and what advice she would give others looking to...
Fresh off their fifth straight NCAA Tournament appearance, Providence College head coach Ed Cooley sits down with basketball analyst Adam Finkelstein. Cooley gives his insights on why the Big East is better than ever, how family is more than...
For anybody following the NCAA Tournament, Coach Bob Walsh has been a steady source of candid and intelligent comments on Twitter. In a time of year when commenters and columnists go crazy, the former Maine head coach is a...

2021 GameTime High School Football Schedule on YurView

GameTime is back for another season of the best high school football matchups from around the country. This season, we'll showcase over 65 top games from Arizona, Oklahoma, Omaha, Kansas, Louisiana, and Rhode Island.

A Look at Perfectionism

Many people know first hand, the stressful toll that perfectionism can take on our lives. On this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected, Dr. Fedrick is joined by Cynthia Alvarez, LCSW, to address the issue of perfectionism head on.

Using Fitness to Stay Mentally Healthy

Exercise is useful in so many ways: to stay healthy and fit, to feel confident and to reduce the risk of health issues later in life- to name a few. On this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected, Liz is joined by Mike the Fitness Junkie. Mike has used fitness to stay fit and healthy, but also to overcome mental health struggles.
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