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Riverside Takes Care of your Heart

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Everyone is born with a heart that has four chambers, and everyone’s hearts function the same way!


The upper chambers communicate with the lower chambers via electricity. Cardiac problems interrupt this rhythm.


People can detect some of these problems with their heart using modern technology like the Apple Watch! These problems as a whole are known as arrhythmias.


The professionals at Riverside prefer to use twelve-lead EKG’s to form an official diagnosis. These EKG’s tell doctors exactly where the arrhythmias are coming from in the heart, and allows them to come up with the best possible plan of action!


To get rid of an arrhythmia, there are two possible ways, one of which is called an ablation. The second way is an ablation plus medication.


To learn more about the amazing team of cardiovascular doctors at Riverside, be sure to watch the full video. You can also find out more about their Heart & Vascular Services at www.riversideonline.com/heart 


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