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An innovative magazine TV show combining comedy, live music, videos, interviews, and Hampton Roads events.

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Ashley got the chance to hang out at Southern States again, and this time she learned all about how to prepare your lawn and your garden for the colder months.
With the holiday season here, people are busy and so are the roads! Friend of the show David Ratz from Huffman & Huffman came in studio to give us some tips on how to stay safe this holiday season.
https://youtu.be/DoLnVmSvdqc It’s always great to join my friends  at Living 757 and share all the good eats, good drinks, and good dos going on in Coastal Virginia. We’re here in November, and the holiday season is in full swing, from Thanksgiving through...
The Mayflower Marathon is a 3-day food drive, designed to amp up donations to the Food Bank for the holidays.
Over our lifetime, each of us will spend thousands of hours in the bath or shower! So why not make your bath or shower a place of happiness and relaxation? 
It’s that time of the year again! It’s the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. Like every other year, lots of people have questions about the enrollment period. 
Michael Schneider founded a charity called “Pilots to the Rescue.” Their mission is to save companion animals at risk of euthanasia from overcrowded shelters, and also to inspire others.

ABNB Helps You Save

Friend of the show Cheryl Nelson helps us get prepared for all types of situations, and this time she is back with a friend. Together, they are helping us get prepared for all of the spending we will be doing this holiday season- and the tool to help fits in the palm of your hand!
For lung cancer, the most common risk factors are being a smoker, and being exposed to substances such a radon and asbestos. 
Patricia got to visit the Victory Family YMCA in Yorktown, and she got to try her hand at a full-court press!