Living 757 Podcast

The signs that I believe parents and family members should watch for are isolation and restlessness! my son stayed in his home in the dark for 5 days before overdosing himself.
Their programs which include themed virtual tours and powerpoint presentations, have been attended by over 200 schools in 27 states and have been viewed internationally.
Ashley, Quincy and Patricia test their “grey matter” with a short series of visual and logical riddles.  Check them out and see you fare!
While community gardens are typically more food based, at the VCE office they focus more on educational gardening.  This means that the gardens are open for visitors to enjoy while learning, from signage, what types of plants, how they grow and coexist.
And what could go better with a light fresh lunch than a light fresh tasting beer.  Karen samples the Vanguard’s very own, gold medal winning Kolsch style ale.
Football season is coming and excitement in in the air.  It has been a over year since they played, and the ODU Monarchs are ready to get back on the field and “feel the love” from their fans!  With a new field and a new coach, their future looks great.
One quick phone call is all you need to get started. Within 24 hours a design consultant can come to your home to help you look through the hundreds of colors, styles, patterns and hardware, and design the perfect look.
The goal of these programs is to enrich the lives of children through the exploration of creative arts in a safe, supportive, accommodating, and structured environment.
I am a piano player by heart and naturally I gravitate towards the soulful r&b style, but in my debut album I give off a Bruno Mars vibe that is different than what people are used to hearing and seeing me do.   
So while we don’t know exactly when we will be in the clear regarding this pandemic, it is reassuring to know that there are things we can do to help stop it from spreading.
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