We train every weekend year-round, plus some mid-week, about 10 hours a week. We train at night and during the day in all weather conditions in wilderness and urban/disaster settings. Training locations vary from week to week and are scheduled about six months in advance.
Riverside Regional Medical is a comprehensive stroke center.  This means that they can treat both minor and major strokes and offers all levels of stroke care necessary to patients.
The select programs that G3 scholarship covers include the areas of health care, information technology, manufacturing and skilled trade, public safety and early childhood education.
Now let's sweeten the pot: Most projects can be completed in just one day! How's that for motivation?  And, you can't beat the quality and durability of their flooring.
So, with all that expertise AND community involvement, why go anywhere else?  When it’s time to renovate or install new flooring, make sure to choose Ozark Flooring.
If you are a history buff you can visit what remains of the Wash Wood’s Method Church, including a cemetery that dates back to the 1800’s. There truly is something for everyone.
Cafe Stella is a charming restaurant located in Norfolk’s Ghent.  The eclectic space showcases a mix of antiques and art in a relaxing setting. Coffee, fresh roasted by Mariusz Pomianek, who owns Cafe Stella with his wife, Stella, is used in a number of coffee drinks, and is available to take home to brew, as well.
Have you been itching for a getaway, but don't want to go too far? Have no fear! We've got you covered with the perfect spot that will meet your travel-bug needs, without breaking the bank
The signs that I believe parents and family members should watch for are isolation and restlessness! my son stayed in his home in the dark for 5 days before overdosing himself.
Their programs which include themed virtual tours and powerpoint presentations, have been attended by over 200 schools in 27 states and have been viewed internationally.