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Our Friends from Bath Source Visit the Living 757 Studio!

Sponsored by Bath Source

No home is complete without at least one bathroom! When you upgrade or renovate your bathroom, you also increase the value of your home.

But a remodel isn’t something anyone should do without the help of a professional!

Our friend Chad George is an In-Home Design Consultant at Bath Source. He stopped by the studio to talk to Quincy about the process!

First, give Bath Source a call! From there, a Design Consultant like Chad will show up- sometimes within 24 hours!

They assess your space, and get started with a design that meets all your needs for your brand new bathroom.

Sometimes, customers want to turn a walk-in shower into a bath tub! In general, this can be a difficult task. But for the experts at Bath Source, this transition is a walk in the park.

They can complete the entire process, sometimes just in one day!

Bath Source is also the go-to for transforming bath tubs to walk-in tubs. This is really important for aging customers.

Their work also comes with a complete lifetime warranty, so no worries if anything breaks.

Bath Source is having a Spring Savings event, where they offer up to 75% off on both labor and install! They also offer discounts for veterans.

To learn more, give our friends at Bath Source a call at (757)606-1040.

You can also find more information on their website, at https://bathsource.com/.

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