Wildfires have been ravaging California and other parts of the western United States. Both humans and animals face danger from the fires.  John Maretti of the North Valley Animal Disaster Group joins us to talk about their efforts to...
Throughout remote learning it's super important to get out and do virtual PE, keeping our kids active and finding ways to stay engaged.
California State Parks have developed a free program where students can log on and experience "virtual field trips" to some of California's greatest state parks!
Alyssa has always been passionate about understanding the science of learning and behavior, and has been working in behavioral health with people and animals for the past 15 years
Dogs are very social animals so it can be a difficult adjustment for them when their owners start returning to work after self-quarantine. Avoid dog separation anxiety with these helpful tips.
According to Dr. Emily Poccia of Wildcraft Medicine in La Jolla, California, there are more benefits to eating earlier in the day, typically for 8 hours followed by 16 hours of fasting.
After a 4 month hiatus due to COVID-19, the Orange County SC season resumes Thursday, March 16th against Phoenix Rising FC on ESPN 2.  YurView will air six regular-season games starting Saturday, July 25th. Watch all the games live on YurView California in select regions – Orange County (Cox Ch. 3) and Santa Barbara (Cox Ch 4).
Niki Jones, owner of the San Diego Moms, has always felt San Diego is the next best place to raise a family outside of the warm islands of Hawaii she grew up in. Her professional background ranges from event planning...
A new season of Orange County SC professional soccer is about ready to kick-off, and fans can watch all home games this season live on YurView. Watch all the games live on YurView California – Orange County (Cox Ch. 3), San Diego: (Cox Ch. 4) and Santa Barbara (Cox Ch 4). Viewers in the Orange County, Palos Verdes, and Santa Barbara County areas can stream the games on
A look at some healthy eating tips and topics that came up in the San Diego Magazine with Dr. Emily Poccia of Wild Craft Medicine in La Jolla, California.
Koby Bretz

The Maturation of Koby Bretz

Koby Bretz hasn’t been dragged down by the dizzying circumstances of the year that is 2020. His arrow is pointed firmly skyward. Fortune continues...
Cody Moore

Behind the World of Virtual Recruiting with Arizona’s Cody Moore

At this point in 2020 if schools haven't been able to adapt to 'Covid recruiting' they are way behind the eight-ball. This has been no problem for the Arizona Wildcats as Cody Moore takes us behind the world of virtual recruiting.
Abdou Samb

Abdou Samb Plans On Bringing Energy And Excitement To The Rams

Two weeks ago, Rhode Island secured its first 2021 commitment from rising 6-foot-8 senior forward Abdou Samb of Frederick Douglass High School and the...