Latina entrepreneurs Hispanic Heritage Monthvideo

We’re Recognizing These Latina Entrepreneurs in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

During Hispanic Heritage Month, YurView is focusing on Latina Entrepreneurs. Claudia Zanes co-founded Zanes Law with her husband in 2003. As a business executive, she...
Spring Into Style Showvideo

Got a Passion for Fashion? Get Ready for Fashion Week with...

Phoenix Fashion Week is coming up in October and to gear up for this event we headed to the annual Spring into Style Show!
Lia Griffith

Designer Lia Griffith Takes Us on a Journey Behind Her Beautiful...

From graphic designer to entrepreneur, Lia Griffith takes us on a journey behind some of her most innovative creations. Find out how and why...


best sunscreens Your Healthvideo

How to Pick and Apply the Best Sunscreens

According to the American Academy of Dermatology nearly 10-thousand people will die this year from melanoma. Knowing how to properly use sunscreen can help,...
wellness vacation Well&Being Spavideo

The Numerous Benefits of Booking a Wellness Vacation

Erica talks to the spa director at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Well & Being Spa about the trend of wellness vacations and the benefits...
Foothills Caring Corpsvideo

Foothills Caring Corps Enhancing the Elderly’s Quality of Life

Foothills Caring Corps is dedicated to promoting independence and enhancing the quality of life of older residents throughout the community. This non-profit has been...


Verde Valley Arizona winevideo

Verde Valley, Arizona is the Ultimate Destination for Wine Lovers

We take a trip to the Verde Valley in Arizona on this segment of Creative Living to see why it is quickly becoming the...
Tombstone Arizonavideo

Tombstone, Arizona, Full of Rich Western History

Every Western story needs some 'bad guys' and the 'good guys' that stopped them dead in their tracks, like Wyatt Earp in a little...
dillinger days shootoutvideo

Relive a Moment from America’s Notorious Past with Dillinger Days

Every year, Hotel Congress holds "Dillinger Days" celebrating and reenacting the capture of America's Public Enemy Number One: John Dillinger. What is it about...

Home & Garden

landscape designers in arizonavideo

Meet the Best Landscape Designers in Arizona

When you’re one of the best landscape designers in Arizona, people tend to notice. Pete Cure takes a look at the people who won...
Build a Ramadavideo

DIY – How to Build a Ramada in Your Backyard

Pete Cure shows you how to build a Ramada in your backyard. Using a home in the Arizona Biltmore as his backdrop, Pete will walk...
Craft Room Crash macrame plant holdervideo

Craft Room Crash: DIY Macrame Plant Holder

In this Craft Room Crash Jane goes back in time to make a macrame plant holder with Amy Guerrero.

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