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Combating Pandemic Fatigue with Community Activities

It goes without saying that the pandemic has had a huge impact on the overall populations’ mental health. Human interaction and physical activity are both ways to stay mentally healthy.

Understanding Cortisol to Improve Your Health

Dr Halim treats her patients holistically with the latest, most appropriate solutions, from the inside out, with the aim of achieving long-term benefits in both beauty and health.

Mental Health in the Workplace

As we  enter the third calendar year affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the mental health cultures of companies across the globe are taking a significant hit. Whether from isolation due to working from home or anxiety concerning returning to the office, many employees are struggling  and employers are faced with the challenge of caring for their employees in impactful ways.

The Benefits and Challenges of Neurodivergence

In the mental health world new terms come and go, but sometimes the way professionals think about certain conditions changes, too. You may have heard the term "neurodivergent," but did you know that mental health professionals are beginning to change the way they view differences in brain processes?

The Healing Power of Flowers

The idea of a bouquet of flowers brightening someones day is one thing, but what if flowers could be used as an effective remedy for a variety of problems?

Gut Health and Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is the incorporation of BOTH pharmaceuticals(mainstream Medicine) AND herbal, alternative, functional & naturopathic treatments. It’s not as much WHAT you eat as it is HOW you eat... Because a lot of people are so focused on eating less or more, they are not discovering that the switching of a simple breakfast item with a lunch item or vice versa, the gastric acid release for the specific starches & proteins will be operating at a most proficient efficiency .

Reconnecting with Authentic Self-Identity

We're all familiar with the term "identity crisis," but many of us haven't considered that we've spent our entire lives in one big identity crisis. Concepts of identity are fragile and susceptible to unhealthy bases, whether that be connected to finances, physical ability, or appearance. So how does one reconnect to healthy, authentic forms of identity?

Working Through Self-Sabotage

All journeys of self-improve and transformation are bound to hit some snags. It's easy to fall into the trap of self-sabotage and walk back any progress you've made. So how do you work through the inevitable setbacks or self-sabotage tendencies?

Online Coaching for Young Professionals

Therapy is an invaluable tool, but what do you do when you need some advice or perspective between sessions? The Journal That Talks Back answers that question with an interactive coaching experience that's always there to lend you the professional support you need.

The Game Changing Benefits of Glutathione

Meet Gian-Carlo Torres, entrepreneur and glutathione proponent. “Four years ago, I was a broke 19-year-old who had no idea what to do for a career. In this growing process, my dear mother gets ill. From being super active in volunteer work and entrepreneurship to having so much fatigue and pain. She was literally in bed the whole year!” 

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