Mayor Town Hall on Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus pandemic impacting Hampton Roads, our community has been forced to adapt quickly to make necessary changes for the safety and well being of its citizens. We held a Mayoral Town Hall, with Sentara and the Mayors of Hampton Roads, to learn exactly how our hospitals and local government are prepared for these...

RZ Restaurants are keeping you fed in Quarantine!

Ashley and Patricia took us to RZ Restaurants, demonstrating how they are keeping you fed with their curbside pick-up! They are now offering a condensed menu, with a little something from each of their fantastic restaurants. Check them out, making the most of this situation with their amazing meals to-go!  

From Our Homes to Yours!

Welcome to our FIRST episode of  from Quarantine!    Though these circumstances are obviously not ideal, we understand and appreciate the necessity for social distancing and adapting. As a result, we are coming to you live, from the comfort of our own homes, to keep you updated on what is happening around Hampton Roads! We start off this...

Meet a Master Tech at Tysinger

Welcome to Tysinger Audi of Hampton. Here, we meet Master Technician Allen who shows us some of the new tech used to make certain services more efficient. Demonstrating the drive train table, Allen explains how it’s used to expedite the process of replacing a motor and transmission. This piece of equipment costs around $10,000,...

From building cars to breaking them down…

Welcome back to another episode of... There is a hobby for every type of car enthusiast. In this month's episode, we cover the process of building and customizing cars then wrecking and destroying the junkers. Let's check out the line up of what Kailynn and Jacob have to show us. First up is John, who is...

Riverside Orthopedics

Let's take you to Riverside Orthopedics. Check out the work that these fantastic surgeons are performing to restore their patients’ mobility. If you are struggling with arthritis or other mobility/pain issues, be sure to check out the professionals at Riverside to see what relief can be offered to you.

AC Masters for your HVAC needs in Hampton Roads!

Meet the folks over at AC Masters. Servicing Hampton Roads and the Peninsula since 1999, AC Masters puts customers and their quality of service above all else. Find out what else sets this HVAC team apart, how frequently they recommend you service your system and how they remain a step above the rest!  

For Kids is building a new facility in South Norfolk!

For Kids is building a new shelter and education center in South Norfolk to aid in family homelessness! Check out the video from their recent event where Cox Charities donated $250,000 to the foundation while the families marked the occasion by signing the beam to the building! This new establishment is sure to set...

Staying positive and bringing good vibes…

Welcome back to  This week we continue to practice our s o c i a l  d i s t a n c i n g while showing you how local businesses are contributing to our community in these uncertain times. We have all of the good feels you need to put your anxiety on pause...

Throwing Shade with Quincy

Quincy has had some stuff on his mind, and our friends at Awnings by Bigley & Hogshire decided to give him the opportunity to vent out his frustrations. Quincy, get it off your chest and throw that shade!