Amy Corey: Transforming Trauma into Empathy

Amy Minh Hanh Corey is an established singer, songwriter, and mental health public speaker.  She is uniquely qualified in the mental health realm, due to her personal experience with mental  health strife and struggles in her own life.

Patricia 1-on-1: Dealing with Grief During Covid Times

Losing a loved one is always a very difficult time in someone’s life. Throw in a global pandemic, and every part of a family member’s passing is amplified and complicated. Joining us for this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected is Patricia Avila, host of our sister show Living 757. She talks us through what she experienced when she lost her father during the Covid19 global pandemic.
Bigley & Hogshire

Stay Cool in the Shade With a Retractable Awning by Bigley and Hogshire

But what if you're in the middle of a meal and the weather suddenly changes? No problem!  These awnings were built for more than just sun protection. With the touch of a button an awning rolls out and keeps customers (and their furry friends) dry should it start to rain.

How Core Beliefs Affect Our Mental Health

Core beliefs are beliefs about oneself that are developed throughout a person’s lifespan. These beliefs begin to be developed when we are infants, and continue to form all the way through adulthood. Elizabeth Fedrick is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and owner of Evolve Counseling based in Arizona. Dr Fedrick joins us to dive deeper into...
vibe'n 757

Drink Your Way to Health

Each visit to Vibe’n 757 Nutrition will get you a  meal-replacement shake, an herbal or energy tea and a shot of aloe.  Their nutrition packed meal-replacement shakes in flavors such as Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, so you know they will be fantastic.
daniel's grace

Financial Help For Cancer Patients

Daniel’s Grace Charitable Foundation helps with the financial struggles that families quite often face when dealing with a cancer diagnosis.   Most people don‘t realize that 40% of dread winners lose their entire life’s savings during the first two years of battling cancer. 

The Latino Community Gets Involved

Every year decisions about laws are made, and the VACOLAO helps educate people on the laws and how they are changing and what the impact on the Latino community will be.

Types of Communication and How to Improve

Communication is key in order to assert yourself, and assert your needs. But, there is always room for improvement.  Key Takeaways from Rachel Ann:  • The four different kinds of communication • The ins and outs of each form of communication • Which of the four types of communication is the “best form” to use Or watch the video below   Have...
home renovation

Update Your Home with a New Floor

After their free in-home consultation and you have chosen your favorite new floor, the work begins.  In many cases, 50 Floor can come in and can complete the projects in just one day.  How easy is that?

Art Programs for the Military

The  Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) serves military communities -veterans, their family members and care givers. Through partnerships with local artistic organizations, they provide art training to those military communities.

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Legend Mug Clubvideo

Legend Brewing Company’s World Famous Mug Club

"We have our legendary Mug Club get to customize get some really cool perks" says Dani Falter, Hospitality and Bar Manager at...


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