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Live It Up at Park 216!

Looking to move?  Click no further!  Park 216 is the perfect place to call home.  These luxury apartments offer “serenity in the heart of Northern Suffolk” blending  modern architecture and amenities with beautiful landscaping to create a park-like feeling.
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Understanding ACEs and the Children in Need

When it comes to child welfare ACEs is an important term to know.  ACES, which stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences, encompasses 10 forms of adversity that affect a child’s life.
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Let’s Celebrate!  It’s Our One Year Anniversary!

Time really does fly when you’re having fun!! And what fun we’ve had over our first year of Living 757.  So come and join us as we stroll down memory lane and see what a blast it has been to be part of the Living 757 family.  Have fun!
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Learn Why Quincy is Afraid of Hot Dogs -Seriously!

Lately, we are focusing on our health to stay safe from Covid 19, but sadly, there are other situations where we need to focus on our safety.  Not to worry!  The bright minds at wearsafe have your back.  Their app and your personal network of friends can help protect you in those not so safe moments.
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Keep Covered and Keep Cool with Awnings by Bigley & Hogshire

How do you beat the heat, but still enjoy the beautiful outdoors? The folks at Awnings by Bigley & Hogshire are here to help.  With over 120, yes that’s one hundred and twenty, years of experience serving Virginia, Awnings by Bigley & Hogshire has earned them the reputation for “Getting it Right.”
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Love Is In the Air and Quincy Is On the Track

This week we hit the books and the racetrack; we tackle Alzheimer’s and help block Corona! We continue to salute our health care workers and learn how to sanitize our homes and business with ViraDecon.  And as always..there’s music.

Get Ready To Sanitize and Block Corona!

Armed with a backpack fogger loaded with a non-toxic, plant based fluid, John shows Quincy how their electrostatic fogger covers all of the high touch areas with a fog that wraps around surfaces and adding a layer of protection.

Call Bud for (Almost) All of Your Household Needs

Household repair is not the only thing Bob’s Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric’s community does, they also sponsor NASCAR driver, Howie DiSavino III.  Quincy decided to take Howie on in a go-kart race.  So….Can Quincy Qualify?  Watch, (Laugh) and See!
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From the Mouths of the Babes Who Are Going Back to School

Tracey tells us how she is preparing her home and family for online learning and the challenges they may face, but how does Eva feel?  What will she miss, and what is she excited about? Watch and see!

In-Person or Online? Kids are going back to school!

This week, we hear from a high school student who is getting ready to go back to an in person classroom.  Let’s hear what Gia Yun, a sophomore at Peninsula Catholic High School has to say.

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Legend Brewing Company’s World Famous Mug Club

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