I Do – DJ West

Imagine you have just gotten married! Finally, it is time to party with your new husband or wife. The reception starts….but is the music all you hoped it would be? Are your guest having fun? Does it feel like a party? DJ West Entertainment wants to be your choice in creating the best wedding ever...

Hometown Heroes- NASA Langley Research Center

NASA Langley Research Center, located in Hampton, Virginia, works to make revolutionary improvements to expand and understand space exploration and the Earth's atmosphere. Compiled of nearly 200 facilities, and employing over 3,400 members, it's no wonder that Langley is the best at what they do. The National Advisory Committee of Aeronautics (NACA), created in 1915,...

Hometown Heroes-NASA returning to the Moon

The Eagle has landed! We're going back to the Moon! NASA is planning a mission to return to the Moon in 2024! 55 years after Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and the Apollo 11 mission made the first manned landing on the Moon on July 20th, 1969. Having not been to the Moon since 1972, NASA is...

Latin Fest, K’Bana Blaq, Nanette Nicole, Jennifer Gammill and a performance by Kristi Caras!

So much talent In Virginia!!!! La Selecta radio Station 103.3FM/10.50 AM Latin Fest is Here, June 21, 22 Are you ready??? for some amazing performances?, For two days, Virginia Beach celebrates the sights and sounds of the Latin experience. Mangu, is here today to talk about the artist that we are going to see at the...

Toño Rosario, Hugo Valverde, Burger Battle, EK&C and Bakalao Stars!

Toño Rosario in Virginia Beach. Great performance!!! Rosario is best known for his Merengue numbers. As a member of Los Hermanos Rosario, Rosario has been a key figure in popularizing Merengue music, with hits reaching the top of the Billboard Latin charts and the top of charts in Europe. Rosario is the top selling Merengue...

I Do – Adele Diamond

Adele Diamond focuses on nobility. Intent on creating personal relationships with clients, this family business began in the home as a husband and wife operation and is today a successful jewelry store in Virginia Beach. They're known for the three B's: Biggest Selection, Best Payment Options, and Best Pricing. Their rings are all customizable...

Hometown Heroes – Equi-Kids

The benefits of horseback riding are incredible! Which is why horse lovers give their time to help others at organizations like Equi-Kids in Virginia Beach. Equi-Kids Therapeutic Riding Program was founded in 1989 and serves over 137 individuals on a weekly basis. They offer many different lessons and equine-assisted activities to meet the needs of the...

Hometown Heroes – Episode 105

Fifty years after Neal Armstrong made his historic leap for mankind by stepping onto the moon, NASA has gotten a new and exciting mission. Join us on this visit to NASA's Langley Research center in Hampton, Virginia to see the dramatic 5-year-plan. We'll also visit with horses who make life better and people who...

Hometown Heroes – Officer Carr

Hometown Heroes interviews Master Police Officer Marie Carr, who is currently assigned to Kempsville Middle School as their School Resource Officer. Her mission is to keep the students and faculty safe, and to keep the school crime free. Officer Carr chose to overcome her rough past and give back to the community. She is a...

Hometown Heroes – Joint Culinary Training Exercise

The Joint Culinary Training Exercise held in Fort Lee, Virginia is the largest military culinary competition in North America. With multiple categories to compete in, all branches of the military participate. Try making a 4-course meal under 850 calories! These competitions are tough! 200 of the top military chefs, across the joint force in the international...

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Legend Mug Clubvideo

Legend Brewing Company’s World Famous Mug Club

"We have our legendary Mug Club get to customize get some really cool perks" says Dani Falter, Hospitality and Bar Manager at...

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