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Ashley Visits Exterior Source at the Hampton Roads Home Show!

Sponsored by Exterior Source

Ashley visited the Hampton Roads Convention Center to check out all things *house* at the Hampton Roads Home Show!

While she was there, she ran into the show’s friends from Exterior Source. Their General Manager, Thomas Duckwall was in the house to show Ashley all they have to offer.

What all do they offer, you may ask? Windows, doors, trim, siding roofing, and Leaf Guard gutters! Basically anything you may need for the exterior of your home.

One of the doors that they offer is on site- and it is spectacular! The hinges, glass, and strike plate are all different than a traditional exterior door.

They use a special composite that keeps the door frame from rotting- which is clutch in the 757 since there is so much water around us, and moisture in the air surrounding your home.

The door also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you are covered in case the impossible happens.

Exterior source is one of the only places in Hampton Roads that can put Leaf Guard gutters on your home. These are especially awesome, because they keep leaves and debris out of your gutters!

What happens if leaves Houdini themselves into your gutters anyways? Exterior Source comes out to your home and cleans them FOR FREE- if ever and whenever it happens! It’s one of their many life time guarantees on their products.

Thomas shows Ashley all of their products at the Home Show, but to find out about them you need to watch the whole video!

To learn more, visit the Exterior Source website at https://www.exteriorsourceva.com/

You can also connect with them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExteriorSourceVA

Or follow them on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/exteriorsource/

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