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Sponsored by Traffix by Hampton Roads Transit

Something people in the 757 have become used to, is traffic. Our friends at Hampton Roads Transit know that since driving is unavoidable for most people, making commutes more enjoyable is a must!


Amy Jordan from HRT sat down with Ashley to tell her more about their new program called Traffix.

Traffix is Hampton Roads Transit’s vanpool, carpool, ride share commuter’s go-to option!


It’s their way of helping people get out of their cars and figuring out other ways to get to work. These options could be public transit, biking, walking, or carpooling!


They have an application for phones called ConnectingVA, and it helps people connect with ride share or carpool!

This program helps to remove the stress of commuting in traffic, which can be fairly frequent in Hampton Roads.


Traffix has a brand new campaign called “Ride Share the Love”, where HRT is urging people to join the app and use it to find ride share options!

There are even rewards for those who use ConnectingVA to make those carpool connections.

Watch the full video to find out more about the rewards and this amazing new program!


For more information on Traffix, visit the website at https://gotraffix.com/

You can also connect on social media:




And be sure to download the app!: https://connectingva.agilemile.com/

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