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science of scissors

The Science of Scissors with Jeff Belvill from Kai Scissors

Jeff Belvill from Kai scissorsThink there's just one type of scissors? Well, think again. Jeff Belvill from Kai scissors explains the importance of using...
jenny bowden

Discover the Latest Crafting Trends with Jenny Bowden & FaveCrafts.com

  Jane visits with craft trends expert Jenny Bowden, Managing Editor of the Chicago based FaveCrafts.com. They discuss the latest crafting trends, the website as...
Angela Wolf Creative Living podcast

Fashion Business Tips from Angela Wolf, Host of PBS’ “It’s Sew Easy”

Creative Living host Jane Monzures welcomes Angela Wolf, women's apparel designer, sewing expert, and host of the PBS show It's Sew Easy. Angela reveals how she...
jen cushman

DIY How to Combine Mixed Media and Create Your Own Work of Art

Creative Living Podcast with Jane Monzures, Episode 4 - Jane talks with mixed media artist Jen Cushman, author of Making Metal Jewelry, about the...
Lydia Crespo

DIY How to Use Natural Dyes to Elevate Your Design Skills

Creative Living Podcast with Jane Monzures, Episode 3 - Jane talks with owner, designer and stylist Lydia Crespo about using natural dyes for textile uses.
Denise Wild

DIY Sewing Tips to Help you get the Most out of Crafting

Creative Living Podcast with Jane Monzures, Episode 2 - Jane speaks with author, founder of North America's largest sewing school, and DIY expert...
robin dann

Learn How You Can Craft for a Cause with Jane Monzures

Creative Living Podcast with Jane Monzures, Episode 1 - Jane talks to Robin Dann from Fairfield World about their We Make For Good program that...

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Arizona Spring Football Showcase

Recruiters Search For Future Stars at Arizona Spring Football Showcase

Red Mountain hatched the idea and hosted the first event. Desert Vista was next. And Saguaro soon followed. Multiple high school teams gathering at...

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