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Jane Monzures chatted with Veronica Palmer and Tona Jolly from Leisure Arts. Enjoy listening to the Creative Living Podcast as they discuss publishing, arts and more!
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer of Balzer Designs Art & Life is proud and pleased to have been chosen to be the Spokesperson for the Brother ScanNCut. She was also voted the Gudrun Sjöden "Most Colourful Woman in the World" for...
Paula Pascual is a paper crafter who enjoys anything to do with paper, graphics design, photography and storage! 1:17 - Inspired by growing up in Spain 3:15 - What is the total creative flow? 6:15 - Paula's books 11:03 - How do you publish...
From the time Kellie DeFries can remember, she would see designs as dots and spots. She has turned this unique ability into a growing business using swarovski crystals. Jane Monzures introduces us to the 'Crystal Ninja.' :45 - Are you...
Jane Monzures interviews multi-media artist and life-long everything crafter, Tracy Moreau, in this Creative Living podcast! 1:16 - Tracy is an actual butcher 2:43 - Tracy's describes her favorite craft, mixed-media. 4:39 - Using smoke on furniture candling technique 7:16 - Tracy describes her craft room &...
How do you know when to take your craft from a hobby in your kitchen to a business with earned revenue? Crafters can collaborate with the help of the Association For Creative Industries. President and CEO, Mark Hill, talks with...
As the owner of Teresa Collins Studio, I am busy designing the latest and greatest as I travel the world sharing my knowledge. My stationery, apparel, crafting, party, home and office products can be found worldwide. I have shared...
Debbi Moore creates an exciting range of craft materials for cardmaking, scrapbooking and more, offering elegant and traditional themes. The full ranges have been designed to offer inspiration to both the beginner and to the advanced crafter. Designed for...
From graphic designer to entrepreneur, Lia Griffith takes us on a journey behind some of her most innovative creations. Find out how and why she started her wildly successful blog and website Liagriffith.com. Plus, Lia will takes us behind...
Craft Expert and Journalist Dawn Gehring joins us from Therm O Web. Dawn will discuss changes in the craft industry over the years, the digital revolution, the positive impact of crafting on health and more. Therm O Web is...

Claire Rogers on Changing Your Life

Sometimes your life is seemingly perfect from the outside. Perfect job, perfect husband, perfect house, etc. Then one day you find yourself in the midst of a massive panic attack feeling like the world is ending. What do you do now?
Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

35 Places to Go and Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

While Las Vegas may be the perfect adult paradise, don't hire a babysitter just yet. There are tons of family-friendly activities, and we've got 35 fun things to do in Las Vegas with kids on your next visit.
Greenwood Rising

Greenwood Rising: Black Wall Street History Center

Greenwood Rising is being built to honor the icons of Black Wall Street, memorialize the victims of the 2021 Tulsa Race Massacre and provide healing and inspiration to visitors.
Arizona landscape design

Unique, Award-Winning Arizona Landscape Design

From meditation gardens to patios for entertaining, these unique designs have been recognized with top awards from the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association. Take a tour and meet the architects.

12 Popular New Orleans Restaurants You Won’t Find in the French Quarter

The French Quarter has many famous restaurants, but New Orleans is full of great places to eat. Here are some of the most popular local restaurants you'll find while exploring the city.
electric car or hybrid

Is it Time to Make the Switch to an Electric Car or Hybrid?

Auto manufacturers are ramping up the models and the selections you have, but what do you need to know before purchasing an electric car or hybrid? Get your questions answered here.
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