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When you're the #1 Quarterback prospect in your class, the recruiting world is your oyster. So what should Arch Manning ponder as he takes the next step in his choice of college? Gerry Hamilton and host Jeremy Crabtree break it down.
Kentucky historically has been a 'blue-blood' basketball program. Now their football program is unbeaten at 6-0 but how did they get here? Nick Roush of Kentucky Sports Radio examines the rise of Wildcats in the ultra-tough SEC.
It's hard to believe that Joe Tipton has no formal graphic design training. 'Tipton Edits' has single handedly turned his passion for art into a 200,000 Instagram following and a full-time job while becoming the to 'go-to guy' for creating recruiting graphics in the world of basketball.
USC fired head coach Clay Helton in week 2 after a shocking loss to Standford. Will this lead to a seismic change in recruiting for the Pac 12? Erik McKinney of we-are-sc guests on The Podcast to break it down.
He once chased down quarterbacks on the gridiron at Nebraska. When injuries cut his career short, Blake Lawrence ran in a different direction by developing an app that has innovated the world of Name, Image and Likeness for student athletes and pros alike.
Recruiting Expert Jeremy Crabtree and On3.com's Gerry Hamilton take a look at the impact of NIL on the world of college sports. Plus they'll examine the loaded Lone Star State recruiting landscape.
Our high school recruiting guru Jeremy Crabtree is back and ready to break down Arizona’s Top 5 teams as we hopefully return to a somewhat normal season of football in the valley of the sun.
It's been the strangest recruiting cycle in history. For reporters like Adam Gorney of Rivals.com the challenges are unprecedented when it comes to the question of how can you effectively evaluate players.
It wasn't that long ago where the thought of football at the FCS level in 2020-2021 was in serious jeopardy. As Rhode Island head coach Jim Fleming gets his team ready for winter practices in the northeast we get some insight on what challenges lay ahead.
When the iconic city your school is located is being one of your biggest recruiting weapons and you can't have in person visits, how do you overcome such an obstacle? Can a virtual visit replace a steaming hot bowl of New Orleans gumbo?