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It's been the strangest recruiting cycle in history. For reporters like Adam Gorney of Rivals.com the challenges are unprecedented when it comes to the question of how can you effectively evaluate players.
It wasn't that long ago where the thought of football at the FCS level in 2020-2021 was in serious jeopardy. As Rhode Island head coach Jim Fleming gets his team ready for winter practices in the northeast we get some insight on what challenges lay ahead.
When the iconic city your school is located is being one of your biggest recruiting weapons and you can't have in person visits, how do you overcome such an obstacle? Can a virtual visit replace a steaming hot bowl of New Orleans gumbo?
Iowa was one of the first state's to say "we're playing high school football this fall" As a result, many top level recruits pulled up stakes and relocated to the Hawkeye State. But what about transfer rules? Matthew Bain of the Des Moines Register joins Jeremy on this weeks Podcast for all the legal ramifications and more.
At this point in 2020 if schools haven't been able to adapt to 'Covid recruiting' they are way behind the eight-ball. This has been no problem for the Arizona Wildcats as Cody Moore takes us behind the world of virtual recruiting.
The MAC was one of the first conferences to announce a stoppage of play in 2020. Well, not so fast. Akron's Inside Linebacker Coach Oscar Rodriquez, Jr. takes us behind the scenes, plus the extension of the 'recruiting dead period' impact.
The Big 10 has paused on football for 2020. Even when you have a football brand like Michigan recruiting becomes a huge challenge. The Wolverines Director of Recruiting gives us some insight on how he and coach Harbaugh are competing with the other blue bloods in these trying times.
When a campus visit is one of your strongest selling features, how does a major college football program's Director of Recruiting overcome travel restrictions during Covid-19? Kansas State's Taylor Braet gives us a few answers, plus a special look at...
Now it's football's turn. We've seen what major league baseball and the NBA have done to navigate through the Coronavirus epidemic. But how much recruiting, if any, can be done in this climate? ESPN's Tom VanHaaren joins host...
The 2020 NFL Draft was going to be a spectacle of epic proportions. Hundreds of thousands were planning on taking over the Las Vegas Strip to cheer (and boo) their favorite team's selections. As we all know, things didn't quite...
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