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Speeding School by Huffman & Huffman!

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Attorney Zach Hutchinson visited the set of Living 757 to tell Quincy and Ashley all about the dangers of speed!

Speeding: It’s not just illegal!

In addition to possibly getting a ticket, there are many dangers associated with going faster than the posted speed limit.


The first danger is that going over the limit increases your stopping distance. Speeding also keeps you from having as good control of your vehicle while driving!


Not only that, it decreases the effectiveness of our seatbelts- therefore making it easier to sustain an injury during an accident.

Going too Fast and Pedestrians

If you’re speeding and you hit a pedestrian, it’s bad news. A car going 20 miles per hour that gets into an accident with a pedestrian leaves the person with a 13% chance of death or serious bodily injury.


Double your speed to 40 miles per hour, and the pedestrian has a 73% chance of death or serious bodily injury- and you’re left with the guilt and higher insurance prices, and maybe even jail time.

Lose your right-of-way!

Speeding also complicates personal injury cases. In a case where a person might have had right-of-way but was speeding- sometimes speeding makes YOU at fault for accidents!


Quincy and Ashley play a fun game with Zach where they speed up clips from past segments and attempt to understand what the attorneys are saying!

Can they decipher the clues?


Watch the full video to find out!

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