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Just a few moments of friendly conversation a day from the Meals and Wheels volunteers makes a huge difference for the clients and relieve some of that loneliness that is felt so tremendously -especially during the holidays.
Get paid to learn!  Sound too good to be true?  It isn't with Riverside Health System's Earn and Learn program.
On this segment of We Are Living Healthy we stop by at Mennowood Retirement Community. Mennowood Retirement Community is a tranquil, friendly place for seniors seeking a caring, enriching lifestyle. It is our mission to enhance the quality of life for each resident through personalized attention and care
Ashley got the chance to hang out at Southern States again, and this time she learned all about how to prepare your lawn and your garden for the colder months.
With the holiday season here, people are busy and so are the roads! Friend of the show David Ratz from Huffman & Huffman came in studio to give us some tips on how to stay safe this holiday season.
Joining Dr. Fedrick for this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected is CJ Sparxx- a model, creator and podcast host. Together they’re going to break down sobriety while being an influencer.
On this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected, Dr. Fedrick is joined by Thomas Dozier. He is the President of the Misophonia Institute, and he is going to help us understand what exactly it is, and the impact it has on someone’s daily life.
On this episode of the Career Hunters podcast, Vince chats with Christina and Kathryn, two nurses  from Riverside Health Systems, learning what it takes to be a Riverside Home Healthcare Nurse and getting a glimpse into a day-in-the-life!
On this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected, learn ways to determine whether or not you are stuck in a one-sided relationship- and if you are, how to get out.
https://youtu.be/DoLnVmSvdqc It’s always great to join my friends  at Living 757 and share all the good eats, good drinks, and good dos going on in Coastal Virginia. We’re here in November, and the holiday season is in full swing, from Thanksgiving through...