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Brad gives Ashley and Quincy a quick quiz to see if they understand the ins and outs of personal injury cases. Watch the full video to see if Ash and Q remembered accurate information about personal injury cases in the state of Virginia!
Patricia sits down with Kara Slumm- the spa’s nurse injector and Master Esthetician! She has been specializing in cosmetic treatments in the 757 for about twenty years at this point.
Hilario’s Heroes is his charity organization and their next big event is taking place on December 23rd. Hilario always grew up with great Christmases thanks to his wonderful momma!
The holidays are always such a busy time when it comes to traveling! Our friends at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles impose and enforce speed limits on our roads in order to help keep us safe while in vehicles.
This year, the food bank has seen a 35% increase over the previous year in the amount of people who requested food assistance. That makes the Mayflower Marathon even more important than normal this year!
The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has recently released a series of engaging videos helping demonstrate safety while driving. Jillian Cowherd from the DMV joined Patricia to discuss speeding and why it effects our travel!
On this special segment of Living 757 we have TWO guests- a veteran named Chris Cappa, and a second veteran who also happens to be a military dog named Miki.
Cool Sculpting can treat a number of different areas on the body- including the chin, the arms, the abs, the flanks, and the inner and outer thighs (to name a few)!
Quincy got to spend a beautiful day at the Dollar Bank location in the Hilltop section of Virginia Beach.
Attorney Katey Green from Huffman & Huffman sat down with Quincy to give him the 411 on driving during the busy holiday season.