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Huffman & Huffman Schools Our Hosts on Personal Injury Law

Sponsored by Huffman & Huffman

Our friend Brad Huffman from Huffman & Huffman Brothers-In-Law joined Quincy and Ashley in studio to chat about personal injury law cases.


Brad revealed that in order to have a personal injury law case, a few things must be in place!:

  • You have to have an injury
  • There has to be someone who was negligent and is responsible for causing the injury

Brad gives Ashley and Quincy a quick quiz to see if they understand the ins and outs of personal injury cases.

Personal Injury

Watch the full video to see if Ash and Q remembered accurate information about personal injury cases in the state of Virginia!

Personal Injury

Ashley then put the boys to the test and asks the question: is this a real law case or not?!


Watch the entire video to find out if the funny cases are real or not.


For more information on personal injury law, be sure to visit their website at https://www.huffmanhuffman.com/. You can also connect with Huffman & Huffman on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HuffmanandHuffman/

Personal Injury

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