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Go For An Upgrade at Rejuva Med Spa!

Sponsored by Rejuva Med Spa

It is no secret that Patricia is very serious about her beauty routine and regimen!


This time she got to visit Rejuva Med Spa for not one, but TWO treatments!


Patricia sits down with Kara Slumm- the spa’s nurse injector and Master Esthetician! She has been specializing in cosmetic treatments in the 757 for about twenty years at this point.


Today, Kara is going to look at Patricia’s skin and custom tailor a treatment plan to Paty’s skin needs!


Kara and Patricia decide to start with a skin tightening treatment called Forma. The treatment takes between 10 and 20 minutes, and is recommended to do 3 times to see full results.


After the Forma treatment, Patricia opts for some lip fillers to complete her spa experience!


Patricia loves her new lip cleavage!


For more information about Rejuva Med Spa and all of their services, be sure to visit their website at www.rejuvamedspavirginia.com

You can also give them a call for more information, at 757-966-2910.

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