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Speed Limits and Safety!

Sponsored by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

The holidays are always such a busy time when it comes to traveling! Our friends at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles impose and enforce speed limits on our roads in order to help keep us safe while in vehicles.


Friend of the show John Saunders from the DMV joined the ladies of Living 757 to help explain why speeding is so detrimental to our safety when in cars on our roadways.


To determine a speed limit, the DMV looks at lots of factors: types of roads, curves versus straight aways, traffic patterns and more!


The DMV along with their friends at VDOT do lots of studies to determine safe speed limits for the roads in the state of Virginia.


Choosing to break the law and drive faster than the speed limit is not a safe choice to make while driving.


The statistics clearly demonstrate that more car accidents happen when the speed limits are not being followed.

For more information on the DMV and their campaigns, be sure to visit their website at https://www.dmv.virginia.gov/

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