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Get Familiar with VDOT’s New Express Lanes Network

Sponsored by the Virgina Department of Transportation

Everyone in Hampton Roads can agree, that the traffic in the area can be a pain. Our friends at The Virginia Department of Transportation are working diligently to help lessen the burden of the traffic here.


Nina Ulrich from VDOT joined the ladies of Living 757 to explain what all is happening.


First of all, they are creating the Hampton Roads Express Lanes Network. It will be a 45 mile long network of express lanes

East of Denbigh Blvd in Newport News, to the I664 interchange in Chesapeake.


VDOT really wants motorists in Chesapeake to learn to use the new express lanes for free while they’re in the last phases before opening the express lanes.


The other new exciting development is VDOT’s Flex Transponders. These allow for the driver to turn the transponder on for free HOV lane usage, or off for anyone traveling solo so they can pay to use the lanes.


For more information on the new express lanes network, VDOT and the new transponders, visit their website at https://www.vdot.virginia.gov/

To learn how to navigate the new lanees, visit www.64expresslanes.org/drive

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