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Endeavors of the Heroine Opioid Prevention Task Force

“This is actually a problem we created” says Commonwealths Attorney Thomas Bowers. “Patients demanded more pain medication, the medical community responded…..this addictive medication…..the whole culture of what we were doing changed.” The supply and demand of the 80’s and early 90’s has created addictions to pain killers growing into illegal activities as well. The Heroine Opioid Prevention Task Force is trying to battle this problem throughout the Roanoke Valley and across the Commonwealth. “Our own way of looking at things….addiction is a disease and we’ve got to deal with it like its a disease.” Going into high schools, churches, holding forums “we will go anywhere we can to give this information to help change this culture.”

Learn from experts how Middle School students are getting into medicine cabinets looking for relief from stress and anxiety. Things have evolved from Bath Salts to Heroine to whatever is lurking around the corner. www.roanokeprevention.org