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New Day Smile

New Day Smile: One-Stop Shop for Healthy Smiles & Happy Patients

Dental Implants at New Day Smile New Day Smile is a one-stop shop for healthy smiles and happy patients. From dentures to dental implants, no task is too large for the dental office that feels more like a family than a business – where the comfort that patients feel in their personalized treatment creates a...

Bring Fun Back to Your Fitness Routine, Get Inspired!

For many of us, it's the time of year when our fitness routines might start to drop off and we find our motivation slipping. But no worries, if you've hit a rut in your fitness journey, there are some inspiring ways to bring back the enthusiasm. On this month's episode of "Your Health" we're...
Thundermist Health Center

Thundermist Celebrates Five Decades of Service

By Jeanne LaChance 50 years! The celebration of our golden anniversary is remarkable. It is incredible to think one out of every 20 Rhode Islanders counts on Thundermist for their care. Patients have placed their trust in us over the past five decades. The community turns to Thundermist Health Center when they need care, and...
National Nutrition Month

This Month is National Nutrition Month: Take a Bite!

If you resolved to stay heathy in 2019 and your resolution fell apart last month, now is the perfect time to pick up the pieces and try again, as National Nutrition Month is upon us! Celebrated annually in March, this campaign strives to educate and inform us about the importance of making good eating...
Thundermist Health Center

Thundermist Health Center: Pauline’s Journey to Health

32 years ago, Pauline Ridlon was a new mother trying to navigate the health care system and get care for her newborn son. Without health insurance, she didn't know what to do. The baby needed his immunizations, but Pauline was unsure where she could get the care he needed. Three decades ago Thundermist helped Pauline...
Thundermist Health Center

Thundermist Health Center: Addressing a Crisis

Thundermist Health Center is a lead contributor to efforts to address our state's behavioral health and overdose crises. Our leaders collaborate closely with state agencies and other providers to align our services and outreach with statewide plans and goals. This includes investments to increase medication-assisted treatment, train future health care professionals, and expand the...

New Year, Healthier You: Set Yourself Up for Success

By Erica Cardenas The new year is in full swing which means many people are working hard to stick to new goals. At its core, a New Year's resolution is an attempt to change your behavior by either creating a new habit, like reading more books, or to change an old one, like chewing on...
Independent Lifestylevideo

Seniors are Living a More Independent Lifestyle Thanks to Cox Homelife

Our communities are aging and so is our need for independence. With the help of Cox Homelife more seniors are able to live the independent lifestyle they desire.
Yoga Classvideo

Try Out This Interesting Yoga Class With a Furry Twist

Erica Cardenas will explain what goat yoga is with the help of the original founders and how it can help you to jump start a healthier you in the New Year. See how cute little goats can offer much more than unique yoga poses.
Healthier Youvideo

Take Some Time to Focus on a Healthier You This Year

It's our New Year, Healthier You episode and Erica is trying out goat yoga. We'll explore the latest in heart health technology, a dentist that makes it fun to visit and how Decision Point Center is helping those with addiction.