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How Soul Nola is Combating Climate Change

Discover the crucial role of trees in revitalizing urban areas and enhancing community well-being.

Learn about an organization’s efforts in Orleans Parish and their positive effects on the local environment.

Engage in the empowering journey of community tree planting and its transformative impact on the city.

Explore the resilience strategies to combat climate change and safeguard the natural beauty of New Orleans.

Embrace the environmental stewardship model of Soul and become a catalyst for positive change in the community.

Susannah Burley, the dynamic executive director of Soul, joins Karen and Patrick on the show.

Soul has spearheaded the planting of nearly 9000 trees across New Orleans. Their innovative approach, implementing the opt-out methodology and focusing on entire neighborhoods, has revolutionized the city’s response to storm events.

With a profound understanding of the critical role trees play in enhancing environmental resilience, Soul’s work is truly inspiring. The recent attainment of an $8 million grant through strategic partnerships, has augmented Soul impact and influence in shaping a greener, more sustainable New Orleans.

Prepare to be captivated by Susannah’s unwavering dedication and visionary leadership, as she and Soul Nola continue to drive positive change and environmental empowerment in the community.

For more information: soulnola.org

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