Beauty Tips with Karlee Eldridge

Karlee Eldridge does online make up tutorials and this week she brings her talents and tips to Main St. Living!

A Fun and Easy Learning Activity for Your Kids

If you're looking for a way to get your kids away from the iPads, Kristen Denzer, CEO and Founder of Tierra Encantada, is here to show you how to do some fun and educational activities using items in your own home!

A Hiker’s Invention Becomes a Tool for Disinfecting

Ron Laikind, owner and CEO of ExtremeMist, designed and developed a water-delivery system originally intended to cool you down on a long hike. Little did he know that he had also stumbled on a way to help combat COVID-19!

From Local Legends to Pie Eating Holiday Prep

This week on Living 757, we introduce you to local legends from a variety of platforms! First, meet comedian and motivational speaker, Allison Moore, to talk about her corporate office style of humor. Then Bobby McClendon stops by to talk about his start in country music, and to tell us where you might see him...

Keeping Fit for Work

Alyssa Eaton of Fit for Work joins Danielle Alvari to talk about the importance of correct posture and stretching while working from home.

The Effects of COVID-19 on Baseball Recruiting

Joey Cabeceiras of NOCA Baseball joins Quincy Carr to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the baseball recruiting industry.

How One Assisted Living Facility Stepped Up During COVID-19

Cheryl Wilson, CEO of St. Paul's Senior Services, joins Cheryl Nelson to discuss the ways in which she and her company stepped up to help combat COVID-19 and provide care for their residents and employees.

Quarantine Brownies, Disinfectant Misters, and STEM Activities

On this week's episode join Cheryl Nelson, Quincy Carr, and Danielle Alvari as they take you for another walk down Main Street! This week Quincy is cooking up some delicious quarantine brownies, we meet a hiker/inventor who stumbled into a COVID solution, get a fun STEM lesson with household items, and much more!
Alan Hunter MTVvideo

Alan Hunter Talks MTV and Finding a Home for All Those T-Shirts

For some, it's hard to believe MTV, Music Television, got its start nearly 40-years ago.  For others, what is this thing you speak-of, music television? Many people know the MTV network now for it's programming, not music videos.  This "cable-thing" as some called it, started August 1, 1981 in New York.   It played music videos,...
Union AJ Greenvideo

Union Football Star AJ Green Joins Arkansas Razorbacks

AJ Green talks Deion Imade about his recruitment to Arkansas, his love for football and his hopes for his senior year at Tulsa's Union High School.