COVID-19 discussion

YurView Rebroadcasts Important UNLV Discussion on COVID-19

Experts from UNLV School of Public Health and Southern Nevada Health District share what you need to know about COVID-19 including how to minimize risks, slow transmission, and where we go from here. - premiering Wednesday, April 1 at 6:00 pm PDT on YurView Las Vegas (Cox channel 14/1014).  Check local listing for additional days and times or watch a replay of the live stream on yurview.com.
Pat Chambers Penn State

‘The Upside’ with Penn State Head Coach Pat Chambers

In this podcast, we explore into the process of one of college basketball's most notable rebuilding efforts in recent years

Meet a Master Tech at Tysinger

Welcome to Tysinger Audi of Hampton. Here, we meet Master Technician Allen who shows us some of the new tech used to make certain services more efficient. Demonstrating the drive train table, Allen explains how it’s used to expedite the process of replacing a motor and transmission. This piece of equipment costs around $10,000,...

From building cars to breaking them down…

Welcome back to another episode of... There is a hobby for every type of car enthusiast. In this month's episode, we cover the process of building and customizing cars then wrecking and destroying the junkers. Let's check out the line up of what Kailynn and Jacob have to show us. First up is John, who is...

Live Stream – COVID-19: A Discussion with Public Health Experts (Replay)

Watch this important public health forum - COVID-19: A Discussion with Public Health Experts - Replay from Monday, March 30, 2020.  Brought to you by UNLV School of Public Health and Southern Nevada Health District.

Riverside Orthopedics

Let's take you to Riverside Orthopedics. Check out the work that these fantastic surgeons are performing to restore their patients’ mobility. If you are struggling with arthritis or other mobility/pain issues, be sure to check out the professionals at Riverside to see what relief can be offered to you. https://youtu.be/BINaOAOOm5U

AC Masters for your HVAC needs in Hampton Roads!

Meet the folks over at AC Masters. Servicing Hampton Roads and the Peninsula since 1999, AC Masters puts customers and their quality of service above all else. Find out what else sets this HVAC team apart, how frequently they recommend you service your system and how they remain a step above the rest! https://youtu.be/TQT73aOsn5M  

For Kids is building a new facility in South Norfolk!

For Kids is building a new shelter and education center in South Norfolk to aid in family homelessness! Check out the video from their recent event where Cox Charities donated $250,000 to the foundation while the families marked the occasion by signing the beam to the building! This new establishment is sure to set...

Staying positive and bringing good vibes…

Welcome back to  This week we continue to practice our s o c i a l  d i s t a n c i n g while showing you how local businesses are contributing to our community in these uncertain times. We have all of the good feels you need to put your anxiety on pause...

New Day Smile – Your Health Special

New Day Smile Dental Center offers affordable implant, denture, cosmetic and general dentistry treatments to the San Diego area." Dr. Refkin explains how traditional dentures and implant supported over dentures can impact your smile. Hear how implant supported dentures completely changed Jose's life. There are consequences to having missing teeth. Learn how implants transformed Sandra's life. Learn what happens...