arizona high school football

High School Football Matchups This Week on YurView (Oct. 14,15,18)

Watch six top high school matchups from around the country on this week's GameTime & Ford Game of the Week schedule (Oct. 14,15 and 18). Highlighted games include top 20 nationally ranked Bixby vs. 5-1 Sand Springs, and a great matchup between top teams in California and Arizona.
breast cancer

A Close Look at Breast Cancer with Riverside Strong

With their team of oncology experts, there is no better place to receive treatment than Riverside Health System.  Their medical experts combined with cutting edge technology means you are in the best hands.
top tailgating cars

This Season’s Top Tailgating Cars

Are you ready for some football? Autotrader's Executive Editor Brian Moody reveals the best vehicles, features and accessories to up your tailgating game this season.

The Four Barriers to Having Healthy Relationships

Addiction is defined as a treatable, chronic medical disease involving complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and an individual’s life experiences. When people hear the word addiction, it is common to think of substances. Our guest for this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected is Patrick Chester. He spent 15 years addicted to gambling. Today, he is here to tell his story.

The Challenges of the Pandemic For High School Sports and CIF.

Joe Heinz and Todd Cassen discuss the challenges of steering the CIF through the pandemic, what they are looking forward to now, and the new broadcasting partnership with YurView
gulf south sports

Gulf South Sports Programming Available on YurView November 1st

 After 19 years of being the Gulf South Sports Leader, Cox Sports Television will be retired and go off the air. The network will go dark at midnight on October 31, 2021. Beginning November 1st, many of your favorite CST programs will be moving to Cox's local YurView channels. Some of these signature shows include...
Kentucky Football

The Rise of the Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky historically has been a 'blue-blood' basketball program. Now their football program is unbeaten at 6-0 but how did they get here? Nick Roush of Kentucky Sports Radio examines the rise of Wildcats in the ultra-tough SEC.

Norfolk Puts People First

https://youtu.be/JLK-1G-BIPA Operating a motor vehicle is one of the most serious tasks we will complete on a regular basis, in our lifetime.  Amy Inman is the Director of Transit for the City of Norfolk, and she joins this episode of Living 757 to educate us more about the city’s Vision Zero initiative! Vision Zero is a...

Jalyn Stanford’s Star Shines for Jenks Trojans

Jalyn Stanford is a multi-talented athlete on the Jenks Trojans football team. He's kind of a hit and miss two-way player. On defense he likes to hit. On offense he likes to make people miss, as in miss him. He goes out every week to prove he's the best player and the best teammate...
Rhode Island Latino Arts

Rhode Island Latino Arts, Celebrating Culture & Diversity in Providence

Rhode Island Latino Arts started the first celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month in the state. Located in Central Falls, the organization inspires the community with art in every shape and form.
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