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Helpful Tips to Cope With Isolation: You Are Not Alone

Over the last few months, so much has shifted and changed in how we live our everyday lives due to the COVID-19 virus, and with that naturally has come certain fears, worries and uncertainty. On this episode of “Your Health” we’re digging deeper into that topic and talking about ways to cope with the isolation, as well as the mental toll this pandemic is taking on all of us.

It’s always so reassuring when you can get expert advice and tips, especially when it comes to navigating through certain emotions and mindsets. Such a great reminder that you’re not alone, and what you’re feeling is OK! I had a great conversation with clinical worker and therapist, Dr. Marian Eberly, who shared ways to cope with all of this uncertainty.


What are some ways you’ve been cooping with stress during this time? We would love to hear from you, head over to the Your Health Facebook page and join in on the conversation! Here’s a reminder, friends: what you have to say is valuable and it matters, so thanks in advance for sharing your voice!

Meaningful Connections

Creating ways to remain virtually linked during this time is an important way to keep us connected to family and friends. Cox Communications has a program called GrandStories that highlights the importance of seniors staying connected. This series explores themes of isolation and loneliness in seniors and looks at how technology can serve as a way of keeping the meaningfully connected.

We’re introduced to Larry, who has been coping with the loss of his wife. Cox technologies enables him to reconnect with his granddaughter. Such a touching and heartwarming story, I actually cried. Take a look.

I’m so grateful for technology, particularly the role it has played in keeping us connected to family and friends throughout this pandemic. Click here for more tips on how to use technology, social media and other tools to connect with your grandparents.

Give Your Immune System a Boost

Keeping our nutrition in check can be a challenge during this time, especially as we’ve been staying at home and have access to our refrigerator and pantry constantly throughout the day. But if we are intentional about opting for healthier snacks and meals throughout the day (while still treating ourselves to those more indulgent foods once in a while) we’ll find that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

I’ve been playing around in the kitchen quite a bit these days and scouring the internet for healthy, quick and delicious recipes for my family. I personally LOVE smoothies, they’re a great way to kick off your day and filled with all sorts of great vitamins and nutrients for your body and immune system.

From my kitchen to yours…I hope you enjoy this immune boosting smoothie recipe using mango and turmeric! Make sure to tag us on Facebook if you make this recipe, we’d love to see!

Pro smoothie tip! 😊 I like to make a bunch of smoothie packs ahead of time using different fruit and greens. Just pop your already-prepared smoothie bags in the freezer and once you’re ready for a smoothie…grab, blend in your liquid and easy peasy, you have a delicious smoothie in less than a minute.  It’s a quick and painless way to enjoy smoothies on the daily without having to wash, chop, cut and peel every time.

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Most importantly remember friends, you are not alone. Give yourself permission to pause, breathe and know that tomorrow is a new day filled with new possibilities. We are in this, together!

Stay healthy (and safe) friends!

Erica Cardenas (@ericacardenas1)