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Discover the Latest Crafting Trends with Jenny Bowden & FaveCrafts.com

Creative Living with Jane Monzures - Podcast #6


jenny bowden
FaveCrafts.com Managing Editor Jenny Bowden

Jane visits with craft trends expert Jenny Bowden, Managing Editor of the Chicago based FaveCrafts.com. They discuss the latest crafting trends, the website as well as other interesting topics from the world of crafting.

Podcast Highlights

(1:07) The mission of FaveCrafts.com.
(2:47) Jenny explains how to share your craft project on FaveCrafts.com.
(4:28) Jane asks Jenny about the trends in crafting right now. (recycling items is big).
(12:00) Jenny talks about one of the more popular crafting videos on the site, that demonstrates how to turn plastic silverware into a plastic rose.
(13:11) Why millennials are starting to craft more today.
(16:43) Jenny explains the Danish concept of hygge.

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