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The Science of Scissors with Jeff Belvill from Kai Scissors

Creative Living with Jane Monzures - Podcast #7

Jeff Belvill from Kai scissorsThink there’s just one type of scissors? Well, think again. Jeff Belvill from Kai scissors explains the importance of using the right tool for the right job and how critical this process can be for you to achieve the best results.

Jeff dives into the ‘science of scissors’ and explains the difference between the various types of tools available.

Podcast Highlights:

(1:18)  Why you need different scissors for different projects.

(5:02)  Important considerations for traveling with scissors.

(8:26)  What makes a good pair of scissors and how to pick which one to buy.

(11:39)  Jeff discusses the lifespan of scissors.

(14:40)  Do’s and don’ts for sharpening scissors.

(18:53)  Proper way to use scissors and why you need to try before you buy.

(20:56)  Difference between right and left-handed scissors.

(25:05)  Learn what Jeff loves about the field of scissors.

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