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For some, it's hard to believe MTV, Music Television, got its start nearly 40-years ago.  For others, what is this thing you speak-of, music television? Many people know the MTV network now for it's programming, not music videos.  This "cable-thing"...
Looking for something to do?  Maybe something to keep your hands busy?  Now's the perfect time to take advantage of some down time to learn a new skill like juggling.  Yes, it can be learned and it fits the criteria of keeping your hands busy, literally. 
In this month's episode of Creative Living with Jane Monzures we take a look at people doing good things in local communities. We’ll also visit with an architect transforming mid-century homes. We'll also learn what's the perfect flower to brighten your garden.
"Creative Living" host, Jane Monzures, travels to Newport, Rhode Island to explore the backdrop for this era. To get her up-to-speed on local landmarks, Evan Smith from Discover Newport stopped by with insight into this coastal city.
When it comes to brunch we all have our favorites.  However, what happens when you are looking to shake things up?  This month on Creative Living, we do just that.  We are serving up brunch with a dash of Southwest and a pinch of Big Easy.  With two recipes, two locations, show host Jane Monzures shows us how two chefs put their own twist on brunch for Creative Living fans!
On the latest episode of Creative Living we break down all things coffee and find out just what Latte Art is.
Jane Monzures, host of Creative Living, gets advice from interior designer Jennifer Burgess about the trends in home decor for 2020 and how to incorporate the latest styles into our homes. For more lifestyle videos, visit Creating Living.
Right about this time every year, many of us find ourselves at a crossroads.  We seem to be parked at the intersection of Good Intentions and Off the Rails Road.  While we had a plan to get healthy, by the end of January, we find ourselves swearing off resolutions on the fast train to "I quit."
This month on Creative Living we’re talking trends for the New Year for your home and in your life! 2020 is a great time to update your home with a little makeover and the best way to do that is with paint. Our guest expert on Creative Living weighs in on the latest colors for your home interior.
Strawberry Rhubarb pie, santa mugs and the plaza Christmas lights…childhood memories that take me back to Christmas in Kansas City. As I was working on the Tulsa Traditions segment for Creative Living, it was fun to reflect on some...