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Going to School then Getting Some Laughs – Hear What Hampton Roads Locals Have to Say

Back to School -Should They Stay or Should They Go?

We’ve heard what doctors, teachers and other experts have to say about going back to school, but how do the students feel?  Living 757 wants to know.  In this 4 part series, we talk with students to find out what they think about going back.  First, we meet Faith Tanous, a sophomore at Christopher Newport University.  She tells us how she is preparing to go back to school, and how she feels about both the online classes, and in person classes.  From working on campus, to dorm life, Faith tells what her school is doing and what that means to her.  Is she excited or nervous?  Watch and to find out.


Listen to this Hilarious Podcast to Add some Fun to an At-Home Date Night!

Kristin Sivills and J-Rod Tanner talk about their hilarious podcast with Quincy.  They cover everything from marriage to babies in their up-beat, funny online discussions.  Check out how these two Hampton Roads natives are spreading the laughs farther than just the 757!  The name of their podcast is “And Then We Had Sex”,  and as you can guess, it is geared toward an adult only audience… so make sure the kiddos are out of ear’s reach when you check it out.  Have fun!