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Fashion Business Tips from Angela Wolf, Host of PBS’ “It’s Sew Easy”

Creative Living with Jane Monzures - Podcast #5

Creative Living host Jane Monzures welcomes Angela Wolf, women’s apparel designer, sewing expert, and host of the PBS show It’s Sew Easy. Angela reveals how she got started in the fashion business and what advice she would give others looking to get into fashion and sewing.

Podcast Highlights

  • Whether all creative makers have an entrepreneurial spirit (1:22) or is it better to have someone help you with the business side of things.
  • The story behind the first thing Angela ever made (4:35) and her first designing moment (4:51).
  • A great hack to creating basic patterns for yourself (6:52) so you can then create your own custom designs from the basic patterns.
  • Angela tells the story about how her own series on PBS “It’s Sew Easy” came about (9:50)
  • The resurgence of sewing today (13:08) now that sewing machines are so accessible and how the younger generation has a fearless approach toward projects.
  • The benefits of teaching on Facebook live (15:50), how Angela built her audience there and why she goes live every week at the same time even from random places like the airport.

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