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Clever Care – Cleverly Built on Your Health & Culture

Clever Care delivers culturally sensitive Medicare options that remove obstacles and honor and represent the cultural values of the communities they serve.

Their plans focus on complete well-being, which is why they combine the healing therapies of Eastern medicine with the innovative practices of Western medicine. Our unique, balanced approach to wellness is designed to support the body and mind.

Erica Cardenas – Host – Your Health (00:01) Joining me now is Paco Franco,  Medicare Benefits Consultant with Clever Care. Thank you so much for joining us Paco.

Paco Franco – Clever Care (00:06)Thank you so much, Eric. I really, really appreciate it.

EC (00:09) First off, we hear that Clever Care is a health plan customized for growing diverse populations. Can you tell us more about that?

PF (00:17) Yeah, absolutely. One of the most distinct differences of Clever Care is that we combined the principles of eastern and western medicine to our coach of healthcare. We believe in the complete well-being of our members and believe that wellness should be affordable. Clever Care offers member support for services in various different languages, whether it be Tagalog, Chinese, Korean, but in addition, you can also visit the various community centers that we have in Korea Town, Westminster, San Gabriel Valley, and there you’ll be able to have personalized service from our knowledgeable team members.

EC (00:52) So how does Clever Care differ from other health insurance plans?

PF (00:56) Unlike most Medicare Advantage insurance plans, Clever Care, it was built for your health and culture. Our plan includes benefits that cover Eastern and Western principles. So you’re not having to pay more to keep our traditions alive. Plus, we have over 15,000 provider facilities in our network. We’ve also have over 55 hospitals here in Southern California that specifically speak your language.

EC (01:22) Wow, that’s great.  So what other Eastern medicine benefits does Clever Care offer?

PF (01:28) With Clever Care Medicare Advantage HMO plans, were able to offer benefits that cover Eastern medicine treatments like unlimited acupuncture, with no referrals needed, or even services like  reflexology cupping, infrared therapy, massage therapy so much more.

EC (01:51) Now, also, there are other Medicare Advantage plans that you know offer those benefits too. So what else makes clever care stand apart?

PC (02:01) Great question. Thank you so much, Erica. Most Medicare Advantage plans are designed with a general person in mind, a number.  And your individual wellness traditions are typically not part of the equation. But Clever Care is built for your health and their culture.

EC (02:16) Wow. That’s amazing.  So many benefits for sure. So tell us who can sign up for Clever Care health plan?

PC (02:25) Absolutely anybody who is eligible for Medicare can join Clever Care Medicare Advantage HMO plan. We also have another enrollment period coming up called the annual enrollment period. This is the most popular one which takes place from October 15 to December 7. And during this time, you can sign up for a new plan. You can switch plans, you can leave a plan or simply just return to your original Medicare.

EC (02:50) Great, awesome. Thank you so much for being with us and sharing all of this great, great information. If you’d like to learn more about Clever Care, just head over to their website.