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Gentle Care for the Ones You Love

Sponsored By: A Touch of Loving Care LLC

How can you help your elderly family relatives get through their day while still feeling independent and staying in their homes?  A Touch of Loving Care, a home health agency based in Norfolk VA, can help you and your family with this very delicate situation.


Their well-trained staff not only provide daily service, but also companionship, which is priceless to many older people living alone.

Things that were once not even a thought like bathing, dressing, and cooking, can become overwhelming, and while we want to help our loved ones, sometimes that task can be monumental.

The aim of A Touch of Loving Care is to assist their clients, while keeping them as independent as possible. They take care of the difficult tasks, while encouraging their charges to do those things which they are still able to handle.

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Their specialized training, with a focus on patience enables them to see beyond the provider/client relationship, and truly become “one of the family.”

Their services are not only for the elderly.  You can call A Touch of Loving Care if you or any loved one , from a child on up, needs help due to disability,  illness or even while recovering from surgery.

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Many of their services are covered by insurance and they can work with you and create a schedule according to your budget.

Knowing your elderly family members are in gentle loving hands is a tremendous relief.  Let the folks at A Touch of Loving Care, provide that relief to both you and your elderly family members.

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