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Don’t Delay the Time for Open Enrollment is Now

Sponsored By: Sentara Medicare

April returns to Living 757 to remind us all that time is running out for open enrollment. December 7th is the deadline for medicare recipients to either enroll into a plan or review their coverage and make any necessary changes.

Optima Health is transforming to Sentara Health Plans which means Optima Medicare is becoming Sentara Medicare.  Not to worry, you will have the same high quality health care and service!

Seniors will still have the original plan available to them which covers medical care and hospitalization.  While these plans are great, they do have some gaps and Sentara Medicare is offering plans to help cover some of the other medical expenses not included, such as prescriptions.

New call-to-actionWith so many options and a variety of plans to choose from, things can get confusing.  But not to worry, help is just a phone call away.  You can also get more information at www.medicare.gov or at SentaraHealthPlans.com/Medicare.

Do not delay, the time to enroll or make changes to your existing plan is coming to an end -you don’t want to miss out on this important opportunity!

For detailed information, contact Sentara Medicare at 888-460-5055, or check out their website or social media SentaraHealthPlans.com/Medicare



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