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High Expectations for Arizona Coyotes in 2016

Looking to the future with new management and a change in ownership, Arizona Coyotes Associate Coach Jim Playfair, has high expectations for the Coyotes. He, along with the team, is looking forward to a good training camp.

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Shane Doan, team captain, will be back for his 20th year with the team and Playfair says his leadership, on and off the ice, is big for the Coyotes. He describes Doan as fiercely competitive and wanting to win. With his teammates he is both challenging and demanding, but in a respectful way. He says Doan may be one of the most stand-up guys to come along in the game of hockey in a long time.

Playfair knows the importance of putting a winning season together and says it will take month after month of commitment and hard work to get back in the playoffs. He is confident the team is up to the task and recognizes the importance the fans play in making the Coyotes strong. With the Valley comprised of people from all over the country and the world there are a lot of hockey fans. The fans are ready for a winning franchise and the season to begin. According to Playfair, fans range in age from preschool to seniors and they all enjoy the excitement and fast paced games of the Coyotes and their opponents.