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Coach Adam Rosenstiel – Pioneers Football – West Wichita High School

Coach Adam Rosenstiel is back at his high school alma mater West Wichita High School coaching the Pioneers Football team, and sharing everything he learned on the same field with his players today.

Adam Rosenstiel – Coach – Pioneers Football – West Wichita High School (00:01) I think the role of a football coach nowadays is more of a mentor more of a father figure, more of someone who guides young people throughout life.

AR (00:14) I love being a football coach. I love molding kids. I love guiding them and try and showing them the right way to live their life and be productive in society.

AR (00:24) Being Hispanic means to me, means a whole lot. When I think about where my family has come from, what my grandparents have sacrificed what my parents have sacrificed for me, to give me opportunities to represent them to represent our community. It means a lot. When I think about our Hispanic culture, it makes me feel good that there may be some youth around here that says, hey, I can be like him or I can be better than him.