Forget the tulips and roses, we'll show you a pumpkin garden in Carefree that's simply enchanting. The Enchanted Pumpkin Garden in Carefree is a fun and free event for the entire family. Visitors can stroll through the four acres...
We travel to Arizona towns that some say are haunted. So if you're looking for a scary good road trip for the family, we have the perfect places to visit.
Kate Longworth visits Easley's Costume Shop to talk Halloween and she gets advice on some last minute costume ideas.
After 72 years in business, family owned Easley's Costume Shop is closing their doors. We visit with owner, Debbie Easley as the closing approaches to see how this business will spend its final days.
By Rachelle McCray Spring is here! It's the perfect time to getaway, or plan your upcoming summer escape. With so many places to travel and limited time and budget, we rounded up our favorite tips on saving cash to get...
 We'll show you why some of the food at Bowlero in Gilbert is making headlines.
If you're looking for a great family night out you may want to consider bowling. Rachelle takes us to Bowlero in Gilbert to check out the hip new venue.
Bowling is very on trend right now and it's the newest hang-out venue so we take a trip to Bowlero in Gilbert to see all the activities they have to offer.
In the past ten years an increase of more than a million drivers has hit Arizona roadways. And with that increase comes more accidents; we take a look at how The Governor's Office of Highway Safety is taking action.
We show you dorm room décor ideas from the experts at American Furniture Warehouse.

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