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Maia Chaka Is Making Meaningful Change

Meet Maia Chaka

Maia Chaka was born and raised in Rochester, New York. She then moved to the 757 to attend college at Norfolk State University! She then spent a number of years as a Physical Education instructor in Virginia Beach. Fast forward to now, she is the first African American female to be an on-field official for the National Football League. As if that wasn’t a big enough accomplishment, she also started a charity. 

Maia Chaka

Quincy got the chance to sit down with Maia and have a conversation about becoming an NFL referee, her charity, and 

The Call

She spent seven years training to be an NFL official, and when she got the call she was ecstatic. 

Make Meaningful Change

Make Meaningful Change

Maia’s new foundation is called Make Meaningful Change, or “MMC”- which is also a play on her initials! The foundation is for youth development and is very focused on education. Their focus is helping youth learn the skills they need to be successful at their craft, by nurturing their natural talents. 

Make Meaningful Change

Maia tells Quincy about several of the phenomenal kids that are a part of MMC, and shows him some of the fruits of their labor!

Watch the whole video to find out how kids can become a part of the charity!

Quincy even plays a really fun game with the referee at the end of their talk, appropriately named “Flag on the Play.” Check out the whole video to see Maia’s hilarious answers to the questions!

Maia Chaka

For more information on Maia’s charity Make Meaningful Change, check out their website at https://www.makemeaningfulchange.org/.

For tickets to Maia’s Academic After-Party MMC event: 


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