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NCAA Tournament Special: Breaking Down the Madness on YurView Omaha

Breaking Down the Madness is your guide through all the madness of the 2023 NCAA Tournament - highlights, stats, interviews, predictions, and analysis for all the games. We'll take you from Selection Sunday through the championship game on April 3rd. Premieres March 13th on YurView Omaha (Cox channel 13).

Celebrating Seniors | Intercultural Senior Center

Driving down the midtown portion of Center Street, with its gas stations and autobody repair shops, one wouldn’t expect to see something like the Intercultural Senior Center (ISC). But, in fact, the building’s former life as a motorcycle dealership actually made it ideal for ISC’s purposes: “We chose this building for a number of...

Place Predicts Prosperity

Not all neighborhoods are created equally and many of those challenges are rooted and deeply entangled in our country’s history, policies, and practices. Take redlining as an example, which is the discriminatory practice of denying services, typically financial, to residents of certain areas based on their race or ethnicity.  By Cesar Garcia, Executive Director of...
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2022 Omaha GameTime High School Football Schedule

Watch the best 2022 Omaha high school football matchups all season long on YurView's GameTime - on YurView Omaha (Cox channel 13), on the Cox Contour TV App, and streaming on
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2022 Arkansas GameTime High School Football Schedule

Watch the best 2022 Northwest Arkansas high school football matchups all season long on GameTime - YurView Arkansas (Cox channel 22), on the Cox Contour TV App, and streaming on

Highlighting People Doing Good Things

Who doesn't need good news right now? From people helping others through medical issues to feeding the hungry.  Doing More is about people doing good things in their communities and making a positive impact. Hosted by Brandi Paul with social influencers, Rylie Birdwell, Deion Imade, and Chris Sackett. In Oklahoma City, we turn our focus to...
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Top 25 Places to Eat in Omaha

When you visit the beautiful Gateway to the West, you'll want to find excellent restaurants to enjoy during your stay. So we've compiled a list containing some of the best Omaha restaurants chosen by locals.
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Omaha GameTime Schedule

2021 Omaha GameTime high school football schedule
omaha high school football

2021 Omaha GameTime High School Football Preview

A look at the 2021 Omaha GameTime Schedule and five teams to keep an eye on during the season. Watch the games on YurView Omaha (Cox channel 13), or live streams available on

Meet the New Host of Calm, Cool and Connected

Calm, Cool and Connected has a new show host! Get to know this amazing mental health professional and subscribe to the show so you don't miss a single episode.