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Anthony Reyes – Pioneers Football – West Wichita High School

Anthony Reyes plays for the Pioneers Football team at West Wichita High School as a wide receiver, corner, and safety. He’s got a passion for the game and his team and strives to set the bar high.

Anthony Reyes – Pioneers Football – West Wichita High School (00:02) The way I would describe myself as a player is, I can move around a lot. I’m very, you know, all over the field wherever coach needs me. I’m there,  kind of just all-around player. I’m just, I’m just here to play.

AR (00:17) The thing I enjoy most about playing football, just been around the guys. I mean, the energy is just amazing. I just love coming out here and you know, just giving all my effort and just, you know, we love to win.

AR (00:32) One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned playing football is just, you know, pushing through adversity. You know, you know, there’s always obstacles on the field.

Coach Adam Rosenstiel – Pioneers Football – West Wichita High School (00:41) What motivates Anthony is the bar he sets for himself. When he accomplishes one thing, he pushes that bar a little higher, and gets to that next level. And then when he accomplishes that, he pushes the bar a little higher and gets to that level.