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Saving Lives with SIDNE and Portsmouth Prevention Coalition

We all know the consequences of driving impaired. And the Portsmouth Prevention Coalition is hoping to bring the reality of this to the community with its simulated experience, that can save lives.

Joan Warren – Director – Portsmouth Prevention Coalition (00:08) I’m Joan Warren, the director of the Portsmouth Prevention Coalition. Today we are here with the Portsmouth Police Department training on the use of the SIDNE golf cart. SIDNE stands for simulated impaired driving experience. Together with the Portsmouth Prevention Coalition and the Newport County Prevention Coalition, we were able to fund the Sydney golf cart. Drunk Driving affects our community in so many negative ways. Portsmouth in particular has seen quite a bit of DUIs, the whole community is at risk. So we take this very seriously. Portsmouth police are wonderful when it comes to monitoring our streets.

Lt. Riahcard Ruest – Porstmouth Police Department (00:49) Hi, I’m Lieutenant Richard Ruest. I’m with the Portsmouth Police Department, and we’re out here today to train on the SIDNE.  We have our team out here have five other officers and myself, Joan from the Prevention Coalition, and we’re training on how the machine works and how it can simulate impaired driving, especially for our youth, and that’s going to be our target audience.  Definitely gives them a hands on experience, and there’s an educational component to it. It’s not just that you’re driving a go kart, it’s going to be part of an educational program where you’re talking about drunk and impaired driving and better choices. That’s really what it is, is about better choices before they get behind the wheel, and before something happens, hopefully, this experience will give them the deterrent not to do it. When you switch it into impaired driving, it gives you a delayed response, which you’re going to have naturally, you’re gonna have delayed braking. So it simulates that type of action if you were impaired driving a motor vehicle.

JW (01:48) In the winter months, we’ll probably have it indoors at some events.

RR (01:52) Obviously, it’s better outside because you definitely have more space. But inside as long as we have safe parameters.


JW (01:59) We want to take it out before prom and graduation, it makes sure that it’s utilized in the best possible manner. We have worked very closely with the Portsmouth Police Department they have been very supportive.

RR (02:13) Just the overall support and knowing that if we need something and as long as we ask, they’ll try to accommodate and I think they feel the same way.

JW (02:37) So I think this is a great tool. It’s going to really help the young people realize the dangers of impaired driving and drunk driving. We want to make sure that young people in our community make good decisions and stay away from drugs, alcohol and tobacco and make this a lifelong decision.