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Sleep Better With A MedCline Relief System

Whether you suffer with nighttime acid reflux, shoulder pain, or both, MedCline will help you sleep better at night and feel better during the day. Our patented three-component Sleep Systems allow you to rest comfortably while eliminating nighttime pain without stacking pillows or taking medication.

Rick Sliter – CEO, MedCline (00:01) For many consumers, sleeping at night should be an easy experience. For many, it’s not. There are a number of reasons for that. Most notably those that suffer from acid reflux or heartburn. There are also many individuals dealing with various pains or ailments shoulder pain, back pain which can prevent a restful night’s sleep. MedCline is a sleep solution company with our goal to allow people to have a healthy and peaceful night’s sleep. And we do that with our therapeutic side sleeping systems.  Our patented, clinically studied MedCline systems are designed to place an adult in an elevated side sleeping position, which can help them reduce the symptoms or issues they’re dealing with.

Shera & Charles Moran – MedCLine Customer (00:50) It took maybe a couple nights to get used to the shape and feel of the product, but since then I’ve had no back pain, no neck pain and no issues with my acid reflux keeping me awake.

RS (1:05) MedCline’s systems comprise three components. An elevated wedge, an insert pillow, allowing for comfort of the head and a full length body pillow. That body pillow is very important because it allows for a patient to stay on their side throughout the night, allows them to easily switch sides and most notably allows them to stay elevated on the bed wedge without sliding down during the middle of the night.

Geary Poling – MedCline Customer (1:30) When I go to bed at night, I don’t get sick anymore. I don’t slide off the pillow, its large enough where I don’t slide down.

RS (1:39) The MedCline reflex relief system has been clinically studied. We have published to date eight clinical studies, most notably in partnership with the Cleveland Sleep Clinic,  and those have shown statistical significance of a benefit of using the MedCline sleep system to help reduce overall nocturnal reflux.

Les & Dawnette Meredith – MedCline Customer (1:58) Now that I have the MedCline I can sleep through the night. I don’t get up and have those gaps and I don’t have to worry about taking medication and all of the side effects that go along with that.

RS (2:10) Given the success of our reflux relief system, we noticed that patients were purchasing MedCline systems for reasons beyond heartburn and acid reflux. We then specifically developed a system unique for those suffering from shoulder pain.

Scott Kaplan – Scott Kaplan & Crew Podcast  (2:25) And now I can put my arm underneath and have my head up here and I get no pressure on my shoulder and I wake up and I’m like, All right, I’m not hurting anymore.

RS (2:35) MedCline systems are registered with the FDA as a medical device and as a medical product. MedCline systems are qualified for use with FSA and HSA funds, which is a common way that many of our customers purchase MedCline systems. For anyone looking for more information, you can visit MedCline.com/sleepbetter