After an illness or accident getting back to your life can be difficult. The doctors at Opelousas General’s Rehabilitation Center have a team approach to assist in your recovery.

What To Expect At Opelousas In-Patient Rehab

Steve Rees, MD (00:01) What a patient can expect when they come onto the inpatient rehab unit is to be involved in an interdisciplinary team of professionals and wonderful caring people. Here on our Opelousas General Rehab unit, we have physical therapy, which is going to help them with motion, we have occupational therapy, which is going to help them with what we call our activities of daily living are ADLs, which are the things we all need to do when we get up every morning, washing our face, brushing our teeth, some have to brush their hair, others are more lucky.

Opelousas Holistic Approach

Fernado Alemany, MD (00:33) Patients qualify for inpatient rehabilitation because they have a significant functional deficit, and that’s what makes them available to come over here or qualify to be admitted. The holistic approach that we use to treat our patients here include a whole team of persons attending to the patient’s need, and reassessing it on a daily basis, almost on an hourly basis. Inpatient Rehabilitation benefits the patient by providing them the ability to return back to their functional level, or better than they were before whatever happened, to bring them here. Our goal is to make the patient as functional as we can, and to bring him back to his baseline before whatever brought him here was, or even better, and we do that by approaching all of his or her medical problems or physical problems.

SR (01:41) Everybody that comes up on rehab has had something taken away from them. I always say that they had something they never thought would happen to them, and it’s already happened, whether it’s a stroke or whether it’s an amputation, or whether they fallen and broken a hip, and they’ve had their autonomy and their ability to do for themselves taken away.  We are blessed to be able to help them on the beginning of this journey them in their families back to their independence.

Therapies At Opelousas In-Patient Rehab

FA (01:55) The treatment modality for inpatient rehabilitation are global. They include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutritional support, and course medication. The conditions that respond excellently well for inpatient rehabilitation are mainly strokes, because they do give you a lot of deficits, followed by complete hip replacements and knee replacements, but also other conditions such as being debilitated a weak from an extended hospital stay due to a catastrophic infection.

SR (02:45) Dr. Alemany and I try to not be doctors but be healers. Because that takes everything and thankfully our we have such a great team that that we’re all able to help them on their emotional journey, getting through this as well as on their spiritual journey getting through this and not only get better, but see better see that they have a future where they will be able to do for themselves again.