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Fair Trade Cafevideo

What Better Place for a First Date than Fair Trade Cafe?

What better place for a first date than a coffee shop? And Fair Trade Cafe is no ordinary coffee shop. Learn more about what make this spot in Phoenix so special. Stop by for a good drink and an atmosphere perfect for conversation.
Timo Wine Barvideo

Look No Further for a Romantic Restaurant Than the Timo Wine Bar

Timo Wine Bar is a romantic place to have excellent beverages and a wood oven meal with the one you love. Learn more about this unique restaurant with locations in Phoenix and Sedona.
Phoenix Flower Districtvideo

The Phoenix Flower District is One Busy Place for Valentine’s Day

As we know, flowers are a Valentine’s Day tradition, and during the days leading up to the holiday, the Phoenix Flower District is bustling with customers getting the most beautiful gifts that will surely put smiles on the faces of their loved ones.
Riparian Preserve at Water Ranchvideo

The Riparian Preserve: An Oasis with a Very Special Purpose

JR and Vanessa visit a riparian preserve which conserves water and provides a home to animals and recreation to humans.
Phoenix Public Marketvideo

Shop Farmers’ Markets More Frequently This Year for Healthier Options

If you're trying to eat better in 2019, visit your local farmer's market for quality and freshness to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Phat Scootersvideo

Phat Scooters are Giving Riders an Exciting New Way to Travel

If having more fun this year is one of your resolutions, this is for you. Being 'phat' can be a lot of fun. Check out Phat Scooters.
Eisendrath Centervideo

A Lesson in Water Conservation from the Eisendrath Center

There's no greater time than the present to start doing what you can to conserve water. In this video, a beautiful old structure is preserved and residents are taught how to conserve water at the Eisendrath Center.

Take Time to Reflect on the Good Times From This Past Year

JR and Vanessa take a look back at the places they've visited and the friends they've made this year on Su Vida Especial, plus a special performance by Mariachi performer, Marisa Ronstadt.
Marisa Ronstadtvideo

Mariachi Artist Marisa Ronstadt Performs at the Orpheum Theater

Su Vida Especial recently caught up with Mariachi artist, Marisa Ronstadt, when she performed at Phoenix's historic, Orpheum Theater.
Read on Arizonavideo

Read on Arizona is Determined to Help Every Child Succeed

Read On Arizona is committed to creating an early literacy system that delivers the right program for every child.