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There’s Still Time to Enjoy Scottsdale’s Winter at the Princess

Live music, rides, ice skating, rock climbing, restaurants and more await visitors at the Winter at the Princess event, running through March 21st at the beautiful Fairmont Scottsdale Princess.

Spring is around the corner which means the opportunity remains to relish in the great outdoors at the gorgeous Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort with Winter at the Princess. This special event runs through Sunday, March 21st.

We wanted to experience the beauty of Scottsdale for ourselves and visited the Princess to partake in the festivities. Vanessa Ramirez, host of YurView’s Su Vida show, interviewed Pam Gilbert, Director of Marketing at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, about the wonderful entertainment and food you’ll discover at the event.

Watch the video above. Or, we’ve provided the transcript of the interview for your convenience below. (lightly edited for clarity)

Winter at the Princess. Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
The Village, Winter at the Princess

Winter at the Princess Entertainment

Vanessa Ramirez: Hey guys, we’re hanging out with Pam Gilbert at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. And Pam, we are so excited about this event, Winter at the Princess. Tell us more about it. (0:05)

Pam Gilbert: We created Winter at the Princess experience because we feel Scottsdale needs to get outdoors. Scottsdale needs the opportunity to go out and do something. So we have created this magical winter event where you’ve got a 6,000 square foot ice rink for skating. We’ve got The Village. The Village is just a really romantic, fun place where you can go and enjoy live music, campfires lit, smores and cocktails at The Village Bar.

Rock climbing, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
Rock climbing, Winter at the Princess

There’s axe throwing and you can climb a rock mountain. You can ride the Chair Lift with incredible views looking down on Snow Mountain, where you can sled, or the Alpine Skate Trail – an ice ribbon of real ice around the mountain that kids can skate through tunnels. And it’s a great place to ask someone to marry you or something really romantic at The Village. It’s just a fun night out.

Fun for the Kids

VR: Sounds like a lot of fun, but I know you also have an area for the little ones. (1:20)

PG: We do. We know the little kids need to burn off some steam right now. So we’ve got rides like the Alpine Slide, or a great Lolli Swing. The kids love it. And the Dizzy Dragon. And then you get to meet Bernie, our mascot for Winter at the Princess which is a St. Bernard ski rescue dog.

Bernie, the Rescue Ski Dog – Winter at the Princess Mascot

VR: Our photo ops here… we’re sitting on one. Tell us about those. (1:50)

PG: They’re all over the Winter at the Princess area. When you arrive, there’s the snowmobile nestled in trees that you can take a photo op, Up to Snow Good.

And we’re at the Summit now where Altitude is Everything. And you can climb the peak. Or at the rock climbing wall. You can bury the hatchet with friends with the axe throwing with photo ops down there as well.

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort
Photo op at Winter at the Princess

COVID Safety Precautions

VR: There are so many things to do here. So we are still dealing with the pandemic. Let’s talk about the safety precautions. (2:20)

PG: The safety precautions are so important right now, and we want to host events that keep Scottsdale safe. One being, outdoors helps a lot, whether you’re dining inside or outside, if you’re seated six feet away from other people you can dine without your mask on, have beverages without your mask. But if you’re walking around and enjoying the experiences, we do ask that everybody mask up.

You’ll find sanitizers throughout. We are regularly using our heightened cleaning schedule, hospital grade sanitizing products and all of the key touch points to make sure we provide an environment where people can make good decisions and be safe.

Dining at the Princess

Dining at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

VR: Safety is key. Okay, so you know we love to eat. Tell us about the options here. (3:06)

PG: Well, you know, dining at the Princess is always an adventure. Whether you’re at La Hacienda with a wonderful Mexican fare that they serve, their lobster tacos, incredible guacamole. And you know the rich smell of Mexican food is just so heartening. It just makes you feel good.

Bourbon Steak – great steaks. You’ve got Toro with sushi and Pan-Latin cuisine. And they all have specials they’re offering and cocktails. But The Lodge which is open here, a pop-up restaurant outdoors, has warm, robust meatloaf wrapped in bacon. Then of course, the hearty burger after a day on the slopes that people can enjoy.

The Waffle Co., Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
The Waffle Co., Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

My favorite is dessert. Yes, you can go to The Waffle Co. and have our crispy waffles with dessert toppings, a wonderful way and indulgent way to end the night with a Flaming Coffee. So lots of food. Lots of winter cocktails.

VR: Oh my gosh, Pam, we can spend hours here. Thank you so much. We can’t wait to check it out. (4:12)

For more information on Winter at the Princess, visit the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess website.