The Chula Vista Auto Group is your local resource for new and previously owned vehicles.

Kamran Syed – General Sales Manager, Chula Vista Ford (00:04) The Chula Vista Auto Group is a combination of multiple franchises down Main Street, Chula Vista Honda, Chula Vista Kia and Chula Vista Ford.

The cool thing about this dealership is that we have our inventory joined with each other. So when you have a customer comes in, they can either go with a Ford, a Kia or a Honda and be able with 600 pre-owned vehicles if they’re unable to find a new one. So it’s a one-stop shop.

Daniel Vidaurri – General Sales Manager, Chula Vista Kia (00:31) Chula Vista Kia and these dealerships have been around in this area for 30 years plus.  They were owned by a family sold out to a corporate company, and then Kaizen came back in as a family group. Same dealership, same people down to earth, family treated,  customer loyalty. One of the greatest features of this auto group is that you can literally walk into our doors come in and look at a new Kia and if you’re indecisive if you’re debating between a Kia and a Ford, you can actually walk straight down our hallway. It’s in the same building go in and actually speak to our Ford personnel on any vehicle that you would be deciding between a Ford or Kia or we can even walk next door to our Honda store and introduce you to our sales consultants there.

Jackie Mafi – General Sales Manager, Chula Vista Honda (01:13) Although we’re three different dealerships, we all work together as managers, our employees come from all different backgrounds, and the customers can feel it when they walk into the dealership, you can feel that closeness, what you can expect when you come into Chula Vista Honda, you’ll be greeted by a professional sales associate,  and you’ll be asked what your needs are. So we do a full needs assessment.

KY (01:41) We really want to make sure that we give all the customers their full, full attention and take care of them and their needs and make sure that they have an excellent shopping experience when the purchasing vehicle.

DV (01:51) Atmosphere in the showroom floor is always lively and happy music’s going on people smiling just like any other place you want to walk into, you want to be greeted and treated as so.

JM (02:01) What we bring to our customers as far as service goes, we have a full service Honda service departments with factory trained technicians, we have a fully stocked parts department and you can drive in or you can make an appointment for your convenience.

KS (02:17) This new group that’s basically bringing more of a family atmosphere here. They have actually allowed us and given us all the tools to take care of our clients, such as providing a great set of inventory, great set of pricing. They want the customers to get the word out there that we are here locally to support them and provide them with all their current needs.

DV (02:36) If somebody is sitting at home, what I can recommend to them is go into our website. We have people that will reach out to them via phone (619) 658-1322 or email  to answer any questions they may have in doubt.

JM (02:47) It’s not an easy process typically to buy a vehicle but when you come into Chula Vista Auto Group, you will feel that it’s much easier than anywhere else.

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En Chula Vista Auto tenemos una amplia selección de vehículos nuevos, usados ​​certificados y usados ​​de calidad. Ya sea que esté buscando una camioneta, un sedán o un SUV, tenemos una gran variedad de marcas para elegir, incluidas Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Honda, Hyundai y más.

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