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Mysterio Mezcal

Ana Dominguez and her husband Xavier Sanchez worked in the restaurant industry for most of their lives. So when the opportunity came up to open up their own place, they jumped right in creating a small bar that specializes in Mezcal drinks, savory bites, and a great atmosphere for locals & tourists.

Anahiance Dominguez – Owner (00:10 )what people can expect when they come into Misterio Mezcal for the first time, is actually enjoy and know all the background that there is to know about Mezcal.

Xavier Sanchez – Owner (00:23) When we first start thinking about opening this place you can see that mezcal was trending very well. So I was looking for the transition for the people that like tequila try to make them like mezcal.

AD (00:35) Mezcal and tequila, people think they’re the same thing. But Mezcal is so much more, there’s so much behind it. And we have a great selection of so many different types of Mezcals.

XS (00:51) one of the most popular things that we have is the old fashion it’s a classic one with our own twist we try to make a more personal more unique.

For me, the difference between Mezcal & tequila is the mezcal, it has different tones when you try it. So every single mezcal there is different.

AD (1:29) The area that Misterio Mezcal is located at is at the Arts District. The way that  we have benefited from being part of the arts district. It’s just the community in itself. Everybody around here is really warm, and everybody wants the best for every other business owner. And, of course, First Fridays, it’s a big thing for us. It’s basically a day where everybody can come out and enjoy what the arts district is all about.

AD (2:02 )My culture definitely inspired the theme of Misterio Mezcal, And you can see the detail once you walk in and see those decorations and then of course we wanted the art murals to kind of represent a little bit of that same culture.

If I’m doing this business with my husband, its because I want a better future for my kids, because that’s what my parents had in mind when they came to this country in the first place, because they wanted to have a better future for us, and one of the reasons why this is a Mexican bar, is because I am from Mexico.

Just seeing the reaction from our customers, and them telling us oh my God, you’re bar is amazing or you have such a unique theme, and we love mezcal and we love your food.  It just makes everything worth it.